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FederationVega System
Vega System.jpg
Risa Sector
Sector block:
Sirius Sector Block
Alpha Quadrant
Vega IX

The Vega System (Alpha Lyrae) is a star system in the Risa Sector of the Sirius Sector Block. With at least nine planets, one of which is Vega IX, it is the site of the Federation Vega Colony.

System Description[edit]

The Vega System was one of the earliest star systems to be colonized by Humans after the development of space flight, and the colony on Vega IX has been a key point on trade routes since the 22nd century.

With the automation of Vega IX's massive cargo depots in the mid-23rd century, the planet's population turned from industrial concerns to other pursuits. One of these is the exploration of Deltan ruins on the planet that may be able to tell Federation archeaologists much about early space exploration.

More than 2.8 million Federation citizens currently reside on Vega IX, many in smaller settlements spread across the temperate zone. Vega IX is proud to send more than a dozen of its young people to Starfleet Academy each year.

Missions Involved[edit]

  • “Assimilation of the Innocent”: The player has to warn Vega Colony of an impending Borg invasion. After the Borg start to swarm the system, the player has to fight them off while evacuating as many colonists as possible. Eventually, the Vega System has to be abandoned to the Borg for the time being.
  • “Khitomer Vortex”: Via a time vortex in the Quadra Sigma System, the Borg travel back in time to influence the events which have taken place during their initial assimilation of Vega Colony.
  • “Khitomer in Stasis”: In an underground facility on Vega IX, the player has to destroy Isolinear Molecular Reconverters that the Borg can use to instantly assimilate any life-form.



There are no anomalies in this system.


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