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stardestroyer001 is a Foundry mission creator, infrequent prowler of the Star Trek Online wiki, a frequent player of Star Trek Online and PvP Boot Camp Coach (Space), and a devoted fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, and Battlestar Galactica.

Smiley.png This user is happy to help new members of STOWiki; just leave a message on his/her Talk page.
Faction Both.png This user plays Federation and Klingon characters.
Console eng icon.png This user is an engineering officer by nature.
Community Authored.png This user is a Foundry mission author.
Ultra Rare Gamer/Modder/Student
Stardestroyer001-signature.jpg Fleet Admiral Rank Starfleet Ad5.png

  • Previous modder of PC game Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Foundry mission author
  • Seven playable characters
  • Ability: Innovative Mapmaking
  • Passive: PvP Engi+Cruiser
Value: Too awesome to put a price on Zen small icon.png

Please Note: This page, and its child pages, are mostly incomplete. Please bear with me, as I find time to finish it up.


[edit] Editor Profile

The username "stardestroyer001" stems not from a passionate love of Star Wars and random numbers, but from this author's history. He was a model builder in his spare time, and one of the creations he made was a 1.05 meter long model of an Imperial Star Destroyer; the apex of his model building hobby. The numeral "001" was an in-joke that designated his home as "Sector 001". There you have it.

stardestroyer001 first appeared on the Wikispaces website as a frequent editor of several wikis, including his own personal databases. He was working closely with the administrator of Debate0 for a period of around two years. Meanwhile, he began modding Star Wars Battlefront II, and was also a frequent forum user on, a popular Battlefront II modding community.

stardestroyer001 is currently a Coach in the player-run PvP Boot Camp. He is also an author in the Foundry, as well as a senior officer in Explorers Fury, a PvE/PvP fleet. In August 2013, he was the 16th ranked player in the game (according to Hilbert's Leaderboard system) - 5th ranked Engineer. Since then, due to real life commitments, he is no longer as proficient, but still retains the core knowledge of PvP.

[edit] Star Trek Online Characters

These are the characters currently in use. There are about five characters who did exist at some point, but were deleted for various reasons. They are not listed here.

Janok FED-ENG.

Charlott FED-SCI.

Nushid KDF-TAC. Page incomplete.


Rukia Kuchiki ROM-FED SCI.

Janok (mirror) KDF-ENG.

Tenraka ROM-KDF TAC.

Artemyev ROM-FED ENG. Page incomplete.

Janoka FED-TAC. Foundry character.

For those who have visited this page in the past, all of my characters have been moved to separate pages as of January 27, 2014. This was done to make loading the page much easier, as well as saving page changes.

[edit] Foundry Projects

STO-FM0: "Best of Both Worlds" reinactment. Cancelled (EULA)

STO-FM1: Untitled Foundry Mission. Cancelled.

STO-FM2: "The Second Light" Foundry Challenge #6 entry. Published.

STO-FM3: Darkfrontiers Persistent Foundry Project (PFP) - "Tragoedia Praecursator"

STO-FM4: Empty

STO-FM5: "15 Minute Brawl", cancelled and scrapped 15-minute brawl mission.

[edit] Website Link Unicomplex

Thanks for clicking the link and visiting this page. Unfortunately, the STO Forums restricts the number of characters I can type into the signature... So here's a page dedicated to housing all sorts of Star Trek Online related links, from forums, websites, and discussions all over the 'Net.

New table to organize links.

Explorers Fury (PvE/PvP Fleet)
Link Description Notes Additional Notes Explorers Fury Website Where everyone hangs out Explorers Fury's old website No longer in use

[edit] Foundry:

Drkfrontiers' Persistent Foundry Project

Add Layering/Grouping to Foundry Editor UI

5616 Errors (STILL not fixed as of Jan 27, 2014)

[edit] PvE:

Azure Nebula Rescue Guide


[edit] Ship Builds

Mostly PvP builds, since that's pretty much all I do.

dontdrunkimshoot's PvP Ship Build/Help Thread An excellent place to get ideas for your builds.

DDIS's Fleet Nova Charlott uses a variant of this, but with components taken from DDIS's Wells build.

stardestroyer001's Fleet Galaxy Super-Tank for PvP Janok's flagship. Only for players who want to tank, and nothing else.

stardestroyer001's Fleet D'Deridex for PvP (Healer) Rukia's flagship. Still a work in progress, but largely finished. Tricky to fly, and not as effective, but turns the D'Deridex into something useful.

Insert Link: Nushid's Guramba Death Star Laser kill

Toevin@smokeybacon90's Fleet Excelsior build This is a GREAT place to start if you're looking to foray into the world of Aux2Bat cruisers!

mavhax's Recluse Build This is basically what Janok uses on his Recluse (except with Field Generators and uni consoles).

kraven@LIVIN's Fleet Prometheus Build

[edit] General PvP

Pvpbootcamp1.pngLink via STO Forums

PvP Boot Camp's current up-to-date website, original website, and new website under construction.

PvP Boot Camp Notebook Project - In Progress, link will come when it's done

STO Academy's Skill Planner Browser Tool

Hilbert@mancom's Leaderboard website

Jorf's Guide to Good Premade PvP Teams

The SRS Galaxy Wing (registration needed) Thanks to Matt Johnson (@TFR_MACO_Specialist) for starting this initiative!

Instructional: Aux2Bat and Tech Doffs Also read DDIS's Aux2Bat Findings afterwards, as well as a forum thread around B:O, DEM, and Aux2Bat for Aux2Bat cruisers.

[edit] Miscellaneous

Keybind Basics

Out-of-Game Chat (GOLD players only)

XBOX 360 Game Controller Keybinds (useful for joysticks)

"The STO Forums: Greats and Gripes" personal comments