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The True Way Alliance (also referred to as the True Way or simply the True) is a terrorist organization consisting of Cardassians and Alpha Jem'Hadar operating independently from the Cardassian Union and the Dominion. Their goal is to restore the Cardassians to its militant pre-Dominion War state.


The movement is united by the wish to restore the Cardassian Union to its former glory and military power. Presumably the Jem'Hadar will have a prominent place in the new order as well.

At least some cells of the True Way also serve the New Link in the Orias System.


  • 2372: The Cardassian dissident movement takes control of the government and reforms the Cardassian Union into a more peaceful society. The True Way is formed in response, and calls for the return of the aggressive military regime. They stage two terrorist attacks at Deep Space Nine, bombing the runabout USS Orinoco and attempting to assassinate Bajoran First Minister Shakaar.
  • 2373: The group is disbanded after Cardassia joins the Dominion.
  • 2382: 472 Cardassians wanted by the Bajorans for war crimes disappear from Cardassia Prime.
  • 2383: The True Way resurfaces to protest the reemergence of the Oralian religious group.
  • 2387: The Alpha Jem'Hadar take control of an abandoned Ketracel-White facility on Devos II.
  • 2389: Gul Madred begins building a large mining operation in the Septimus system.
  • 2390: Madred becomes the leader of the True Way. The group takes advantage of new-found civil liberties to promote their views through rallies.
  • 2393: Madred's mines in the Septimus system become the target of raids, resulting in him contracting the Alpha Jem'Hadar, led by Lamat'Ukan, to defend the system.
  • 2396: Detapa Council staffers complete a three-year audit of post-Dominion War assets. They find that at least 75 warships and an undetermined amount of weapons known to have survived the war are missing.
  • 2398: Laas arrives in the Devos system with two other Changelings, whose identities are unknown.
  • 2402: A report from Cardassian Intelligence confirms that forces led by Gul Madred are in the possession of the warships missing from the Cardassian post-war inventories.
  • 2409: The True Way - now with the full backing of Lamat'Ukan's forces - begin a campaign of aggressions in the Beta Ursae Sector Block.


The movement is lead by Gul Madred and mainly employs guerrilla and terrorist tactics.


Most of the True Way's military equipment are stolen Cardassian military assets from the aftermath of the Dominion War. It also uses Jem'Hadar vessels.

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