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The traits tab of the character menu of a Bolian at level 1. The non-costumizable racial trait can be viewed by clicking the "Details" button next to the character portrait. The three "Personal Traits" are automatically pre-selected and race-typical, but may be changed at any time.

Traits add extra bonuses to attributes or abilities of your game character. Most traits are passive bonuses, but some also include a special ability your character can activate. Each passive trait either gives a bonus for ground or for space combat. Traits therefore have a direct influence on the overall strengths of your character and, along with your skills, are a key to adapting your character to your play style. Unlike skills, however, traits can be changed without costs at any time out of combat.

Each character is allowed a total of nine personal traits at level 50:

  • One permanent non-customizable racial trait (which may consist of more than one bonus) based on the choice of the player race (Alien captains can fully costumize their racial trait during character creation)
  • Eight additional traits which can be changed in-game with a Traits Respec Token:
    • Three race-typical traits automatically pre-selected at character creation
    • One additional customizable trait at each new rank (five total at level 50)

Less than half of all personal traits are available to any character. The majority is restricted either to a specific race (and therefore faction), a career path (adding four specific traits to the player's choice), or is only obtainable through Genetic Resequencers (found by opening lockboxes or sold on the exchange under the Reward Pack category).

In addition to personal traits, four passive space, four passive ground, and four active "Reputation trait" slots are unlocked upon reaching level 50. These are filled by achieving tiers 1-4 in a Reputation System faction, with each tier unlocking one passive space trait and one passive ground trait. Tier 5 of every faction unlocks one active trait granting a new clickable ability.


[edit] List of personal traits

The following is a list of selectable personal traits that are available to players, although some of these traits might not be available for their chosen race (or they are already incorporated into their racial trait). Click on the articles to find out more information.

[edit] Space

Restricted to / Awarded from
Accurate icon.png Accurate
Astrophysicist icon.png Astrophysicist
Biotech Patch icon.png Biotech Patch Genetic Resequencer (Undine Lock Box)
Conservation of Energy icon.png Conservation of Energy Career path (Science Officer)
Covert Operative icon.png Covert Operative Race (Romulan)
Crippling Fire icon.png Crippling Fire Career path (Tactical Officer)
Efficient Captain icon.png Efficient Captain
Elusive icon.png Elusive
EPS Manifold Efficiency icon.png EPS Manifold Efficiency Career path (Engineering Officer)
Fleet Physicist icon.png Fleet Physicist Genetic Resequencer (Voth Lock Box)
Fleet Tactician icon.png Fleet Tactician Genetic Resequencer (Voth Lock Box)
Fleet Technician icon.png Fleet Technician Genetic Resequencer (Voth Lock Box)
Fluidic Coccoon icon.png Fluidic Cocoon Genetic Resequencer (Undine Lock Box)
Grace Under Fire icon.png Grace Under Fire Career path (Engineering Officer)
Helmsman icon.png Helmsman Genetic Resequencer (Tal Shiar Lock Box)
Infiltrator icon.png Infiltrator Race (Reman)
Inspirational Leader icon.png Inspirational Leader Genetic Resequencer (Elachi Lock Box)
Last Ditch Effort icon.png Last Ditch Effort Career path (Tactical Officer)
Living Hull icon.png Living Hull Mission “Surface Tension”
Photonic Capacitor icon.png Photonic Capacitor Career path (Science Officer)
Precise icon.png Precise Genetic Resequencer (Tal Shiar Lock Box)
Psychological Warfare icon.png Psychological Warfare Genetic Resequencer (Undine Lock Box)
Singularity Specialist icon.png Singularity Specialist Race (Romulan, Reman)
Techie icon.png Techie
Warp Theorist icon.png Warp Theorist
Well Travelled icon.png Well Travelled Mission “Tour The Galaxy”
Wing Commander icon.png Wing Commander Genetic Resequencer (Elachi Lock Box)

[edit] Ground

Restricted to / Awarded from
Acute Senses icon.png Acute Senses
Adrenal Release icon.png Adrenal Release Genetic Resequencer (Undine Lock Box)
Aggressive icon.png Aggressive
Bite icon.png Bite Race (Gorn)
Borg Neural Blast icon.png Borg Neural Blast Race (Liberated Borg)
Cold-Blooded icon.png Cold-Blooded
Cold Dwelling icon.png Cold Dwelling Race (Andorian)
Conduit icon.png Conduit Genetic Resequencer (Tal Shiar Lock Box)
Covert icon.png Covert
Creative icon.png Creative
Disassembler icon.png Disassembler Genetic Resequencer (Tal Shiar Lock Box)
Field Researcher icon.png Field Researcher Career path (Science Officer)
Firearms Specialist icon.png Firearms Specialist Genetic Resequencer (Elachi Lock Box)
Fluidic Antigens icon.png Fluidic Antigens Mission “Surface Tension”
Immunity Response icon.png Immunity Response Genetic Resequencer (Undine Lock Box)
Limited Telepathy icon.png Limited Telepathy
Lucky icon.png Lucky
Medical Vanguard icon.png Medical Vanguard Career path (Science Officer)
Mental Discipline icon.png Mental Discipline
Mind Drain icon.png Mind Drain Race (Reman)
Mind Meld icon.png Mind Meld Race (Vulcan)
Nanomolecular Architect icon.png Nanomolecular Architect Career path (Engineering Officer)
Natural Immunities icon.png Natural Immunities
Nerve Pinch icon.png Nerve Pinch Race (Vulcan)
Orbital Devastation icon.png Orbital Devastation Genetic Resequencer (Voth Lock Box)
Peak Health icon.png Peak Health
Physical Strength icon.png Physical Strength
Plasma Weapon Specialist icon.png Plasma Weapon Specialist Race (Romulan)
Regenerative Tissue icon.png Regenerative Tissue Genetic Resequencer (Elachi Lock Box)
Resilient icon.png Resilient
Seduce icon.png Seduce Race (Orion)
Shield Harmonic Resonance icon.png Shield Harmonic Resonance Career path (Engineering Officer)
Situational Awareness icon.png Situational Awareness Career path (Tactical Officer)
Sixth Sense icon.png Sixth Sense Genetic Resequencer (Undine Lock Box)
Soldier icon.png Soldier
Strike Team Specialist icon.png Strike Team Specialist Career path (Tactical Officer)
Stubborn icon.png Stubborn
Sturdy icon.png Sturdy
Subspace Manipulator icon.png Subspace Manipulator Genetic Resequencer (Voth Lock Box)
Sure Footed icon.png Sure Footed
Tactical Vigilance icon.png Tactical Vigilance Genetic Resequencer (Voth Lock Box)
Teamwork icon.png Teamwork
Telekinetic icon.png Telekinetic
Telepathic icon.png Telepathic Race (Alien, Ferasan)

[edit] Species

Each playable race has a built in species trait, which is usually a simple combination of two or three existing traits.

Work in progress

  Species Innate traits Unique optional traits
Faction Federation.png Andorian Acute Senses, low-health damage bonus Cold Dwelling
Faction Federation.png Ferengi Acute Senses, Natural Immunities, economic benefit  
Faction Klingon.png Gorn Cold-Blooded, Physical Strength, Resilient Bite
Faction Klingon.png Klingon Soldier
Faction Klingon.png Lethean Limited Telepathy, Rapture Telekinetic
Faction Klingon.png Nausicaan Physical Strength, space benefits  
Faction Federation.png Saurian Acute Senses, Cold-Blooded, Toxic res  
Faction Klingon.png Orion (female) Seductive Seduce
Faction Klingon.png Orion (male) Physical Strength Seduce
Faction Romulan Republic.png Reman Acute Senses, Limited Telepathy Mind Drain, Telekinetic
Faction Romulan Republic.png Romulan Physical Strength, space benefits Plasma Weapon Specialist
Faction Federation.png Vulcan Mental Discipline, Physical Strength Mind Meld, Nerve Pinch

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