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Romulan RepublicTovan Khev
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Tactical Officer
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Tovan Khev is a citizen of the Virinat colony and, later, the first bridge officer for players of the Romulan Republic. He has one sister called Rinna and used to be in a relationship with Charva.





  • Tovan Khev was Cryptic's first iteration of implementing bridge officers featuring a personal background-story that is introduced during the tutorial and beyond.
  • Tovan Khev retains voiceovers for all of the Romulan Republic-specific story missions, i.e. up until the episode "Freedom". As a consequence, he can neither be dismissed nor renamed even after concluding all story missions as this would still compromise any replays.
  • Not content with these limitations, Cryptic restricted voiceovers for K'Gan and Elisa Flores, Khev's Klingon and Starfleet counterparts, to the tutorial, thereby enabling players to dismiss or rename them after its conclusion.

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