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The Temporal Warfare space set of three items is available from from the Lobi Crystal Consortium on Drozana Station for 200 Lobi Crystals each.


[edit] Chroniton Dual Beam Array

Chroniton Dual Beam Array
Rare Ship Fore Weapon
Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Chroniton Dual Beam Array

Energy Damage

90' targeting arc
to target: __ Antiproton Damage (__ DPS)
to self: -10 Weapon Power when firing other weapons
to target: 2.5% chance: Significantly reduces Flight Speed and Turn Rate
+40% Critical Severity
Value: 200 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Chroniton Dual Beam Array icon.png
Rare icon.png

[edit] Game Description

Dual Beam Arrays have a significantly narrower firing arc than regular beam arrays, but they deal more damage. Beam weapons are equally effective against starship shields and hull.

The array actually punches quantum fractures into spacetime at the point of impact by using a condensed beam of chroniton radiation. This weapon can cause targets to fall slightly out of phase, which is perceived as a slowing of flight and turning speeds. Attacks from this array can be devastating if aimed with enough precision.

Chroniton energy is similar to Antiproton in many ways, and as such can benefit from equipment that enhances Antiproton weaponry. Chroniton beams have a chance to inflict a turn rate and flight speed debuff on the enemy, as well as benefiting from a higher innate Critical Severity, increasing the damage dealt by Critical Hits.

You may only equip one of this weapon per ship.

[edit] Temporal Disruption Device

Temporal Disruption Device
Rare Ship Weapon
Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Temporal Disruption Device

Destructible Projectile - High AoE Damage, +Slow

90' targeting arc
Creates a level __ Temporal Disruption Device (1k radius explosion):
__ Kinetic Damage
to target: 100% chance to reduce Flight Speed and Turn Speed by 33%
+40% Critical Severity
Value: 200 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Temporal Disruption Device icon.png
Rare icon.png

[edit] Game Description

Experiments with controlling chroniton flux variations at random intervals have resulted in this powerful form of targeted projectile. Although slow moving, and capable of being shot down while traveling to its intended target, it compensates for these disadvantages by randomly phasing in and out of our spacetime reference. This results in nearby enemies being unable to target the projectile at random intervals while it travels, until it delivers its ultimate payload - a massive chroniton-charged disruption device, capable of causing a temporal displacement on the targeted ship that will make appear to move and turn more slowly while also suffering from increased recharge timers.

This projectile can also benefit from Bridge Officer powers that enhance projectile weapons. Torpedo Spread will simply fire multiple projectiles, but High Yield will supercharge the flux generator within the device, causing it to disrupt a number of targets' flight speed while en-route to its target, at which point the explosion will fracture spacetime in the immediate vicinity causing all nearby ships to suffer the same temporal displacement that a single ship would from a normal payload. This torpedo cannot be fitted with Emission Seeking upgrades.

You may only equip one of this weapon per ship.

[edit] Console - Tachyokinetic Converter

Console - Tachyokinetic Converter
Rare Universal Console
Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+22.9% Flight Turn Rate

+17.2 Starship Graviton Generators

+0.76% Critical Chance

+7.6% Critical Severity

Value: 200 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Console - Tachyokinetic Converter icon.png
Rare icon.png

[edit] Game Description

This console was invented for use alongside the Chrono Deflector that was to be developed by a Klingon scientist named Korath in another timeline. Learning of the deflector's tendency to burn itself out from excessive tachyokinetic energy, a team of independent researchers designed this console with the intent of harnessing and rerouting that energy in order to allow for multiple uses of the Chrono Deflector. Although the Deflector has ultimately not been invented within our timeline, the Tachyokinetic Converter is still a powerful and useful piece of machinery in its own right.

You may only equip one of this console per ship.

[edit] Set powers

For each item added after the first, an additional power is available.

Set 2: Chroniton Synchronicity

+27.4% Chroniton Projectile Weapon Damage

Set 3: Temporal Inversion Field

Toggle (20 max)
Affect Foe
5 kilometer Sphere
0.5 sec activate
3 min recharge
To all enemies within 5.0km:
  • -200% Flight Speed
  • (-400% Flight Speed vs. Small Craft)
  • -150% Turn Rate
  • -150% Power Recharge Speed
To self when equipped on a Temporal Starship:
  • +50% Flight Speed
  • +100% Turn Rate
  • +150% Power Recharge Speed

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