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Combat damage, stealth tactics and squad tactics. The Tactical officer can deliver damage in the widest variety of methods, while supporting his away team by drawing off enemy threat or bolstering their combat effectiveness with tactics and squad commands.

A Tactical officer's job is to keep the ship and crew safe from harm. A Tactical officer's skills are specialized for combat, both in space and on the ground. They get the job, whether using phasers, fists, or photon torpedoes, allowing Starfleet to explore and learn in safety.

Tactical officers increase the damage done by a ship, providing the ability to fire salvos of torpedoes and overload energy weapons for a massive attack. On the ground Tactical officers make the most out of any weapon, and are able to mix it up in melee combat better than anyone.


Tactical officers have three choices. Soldier (direct damage), Security (tank and defensive roles) and Special Ops (stealth).


The Soldier is the most damage intensive class. They are the most direct attack class.


Security acts as a tank in typical combat roles. Although Cryptic has said that conventional battle tactics will not be part of STO, security can take the most damage. However they must sacrifice some attack.

Special Operations[edit]

Special Operations has the unique ability to stealth. They can sneak behind enemy lines and attack from behind.


See main article: Skill table


Personal abilities are ground and space based. Your characters personal ground skills depend on what type of kit you are using. The space abilities that your Captain can use are listed on the Player ability article. For a list of abilities that your Tactical bridge officers can use see the Bridge officer abilities article.


Tactical officers have four unique traits available, in addition to the normal traits for their species.