TR-116A Rifle - Sniper Rifle

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TR-116A Rifle - Sniper Rifle
Rare Ground Weapon
Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

TR-116A Rifle - Bolt

Kinetic Damage

36 Kinetic Damage (51 DPS) (20% Shield Penetration}
TR-116A Rifle - Sniper Shot
Exploit Attack

Damage and Knockback

– Does Not Require Line of Sight –
96 Kinetic Damage (9.9 DPS) (20% Shield Penetration}
50% chance: Knocks back +8 feet
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
TR-116A Rifle - Sniper Rifle icon.png
Rare icon.png

The TR-116 rifle is a hand-held rifle-type weapon, a projectile weapon developed by Starfleet Security for use in dampening fields or radiogenic environments where conventional energy weapons would be useless. The rifle fires a chemically propelled tritanium bullet. A working prototype of the weapon was developed, but Starfleet opted not to produce the weapon after the advent of the regenerative phaser.

A player can equip the TR-116 Sniper Rifle into one of the two ground weapon slots. The TR-116 is a rare projectile weapon useful against dampening fields and in other challenging environments. It is also modified with a micro-transporter, which beams the fired projectiles to targets at close range past any obstruction, so that a player can fire without a direct line of sight.

The sound effect when the rifle is fired is unique - similar to the muffled sound made by a silenced gun - and because the rifle deals Kinetic damage not associated with an Energy type, it does not require remodulation, making it useful against Borg.

[edit] Acquisition

The rare weapon in action.

Players who preordered the game through Target or, or purchased a specially marked version of the game at a Target store, can claim the TR-116a via the "Legacy Unlocks" tab of the C-Store.