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The United Federation of Planets (23rd century) is the fourth playable faction in Star Trek Online. Not a faction in true sense of the word, TOS Federation presents an alternate starting experience for Federation Captains before taking them into regular Federation storyline. Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, players are given the ability to create a new captain in that era and are set on an adventure featuring classic story lines, locations, celebrities, and era-appropriate starships.

The Federation's military, defensive, and exploratory branch is named Starfleet, of which each Federation player will automatically be an officer. Note that "Starfleet" is not the Federation, it is only the military branch to a civil government, similar to the United States of America's naval branch.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

Upon starting a new TOS Federation character, players must choose a career (analogous to a 'class' from other MMORPGs) and a species (or race). The career determines the character's native abilities, and the race determines the character's innate traits, and in certain cases, special abilities. In ground combat, the career choice and racial traits drastically affect the gameplay and strategies used by the player.

When the player completes the tutorial (or skips it), a Pioneer-class starship is assigned to them, which acts as the player's avatar in space and sector space, and is the primary method of combat and interaction in space. The character's career affects the type of gameplay strategies used by the player, as well as the customizable Bridge Officer abilities and ship consoles.

Classes[edit | edit source]

See main article: Profession

In Star Trek Online, players may choose which career they wish their character to adopt. Players are able to choose from the following three career paths:

TOS Starfleet Tactical Officer Candidate icon.png TOS Starfleet Engineering Officer Candidate icon.png TOS Starfleet Science Officer Candidate icon.png
Tactical Engineering Science

Each profession has its own advantages (and, of course, disadvantages) in the gameplay of Star Trek Online.

Races[edit | edit source]

TOS Federation characters can choose one of the four founding races of the United Federation of Planets. A player's choice of race is important and cannot be changed, so it is advisable to choose carefully.

HumanMaleTOS.png TellariteMaleTOS.png AndorianMaleTOS.png VulcanMaleTOS.png
Human Tellarite Andorian Vulcan

Starships[edit | edit source]

See main article: Federation playable starships

The only faction-specific starship is Pioneer-class vessel. In addition, all TOS Federation characters receive the Class F Shuttle from the 23rd Century Bundle for free by completing “Explore Earth Spacedock”.

TOS Federation players can use any starship available to the 25th century Federation players. However, as part of the Agents Of Yesterday, several new starships, inspired by the designs from 23rd century, were added to the C-Store.

Daedalus Class.jpg Perseus Class.jpg Gemini Class.jpg Ranger Class.jpg
Temporal Science Vessel Temporal Escort Temporal Cruiser Temporal Battlecruiser

There are three main types of playable Starfleet vessel, each with numerous sub-types for different ranks and styles of play, and each of those sub-types with a number of cosmetic variants. The types of vessel are generally biased towards a specific class, but players of any class can captain any type of vessel.

Storyline missions[edit | edit source]

Once “The Battle of Caleb IV” has been completed, player is sent to 2409 and integrated into the standard Federation storyline. However, to differentiate the two factions, TOS players have some specific dialogue to reflect the events they were part of in the past.

Faction TOS Starfleet.png TOS Federation Storyline Episodes
Tutorial “I Sing of Arms”“Search and Rescue”“Bull by the Horns”“Dislodging Klingons”“The Taurean Affair”“Earthward Bound”
Agents of Yesterday “Explore Earth Spacedock”“In the Shadow of Cestus”“Painful Omens”“Return to Babel”“Tangled Webs”“The Battle of Caleb IV”
Klingon War “Welcome to Earth Spacedock”“Stranded In Space”“Diplomatic Orders”“Hide and Seek”“Stop the Signal”“Researcher Rescue”“The Kuvah'Magh”“Treasure Trading Station”“Secret Orders”“Task Force Hippocrates”“Skirmish”“Spin the Wheel”“What Lies Beneath”“Everything Old is New”“Night of the Comet”“The Ultimate Klingon”“The Doomsday Device”“City on the Edge of Never”“Past Imperfect”“Temporal Ambassador”
Yesterday's War “The Core of the Matter”“Vorgon Conclusions”“Terminal Expanse”
Wasteland “Secrets of Nimbus”“The Lost City of Paradise”“Blind Men Tell All Tales”“The Undying”“A Fistful of Gorn”“Installation 18”
Romulan Mystery “Heading Out”“Empress Sela”“Desperate Measures”“Shadow Play”“Taris”“The Vault”“Mine Enemy”“Frozen”“Coliseum”“Cutting the Cord”“Darkness Before the Dawn”
Cardassian Struggle “Lost and Found”“Spoils of War”“Jabberwocky”“The Factory”“The New Link”“Second Wave”“Of Bajor”“Operation Gamma”“Facility 4028”“Boldly They Rode”
Breen Invasion “Cold Call”“Out in the Cold”“Cold Comfort”“Cold Case”“Cold Storage”
Borg Advance “Report on Borg Activities”“Where Angels Fear to Tread”“A Gathering Darkness”“Assimilation”“Fluid Dynamics”
New Romulus “New Romulus Aid”“Staging Area”“Warehouse”“The Atlai”“Vastam Peaks”“Mountain Base”“Paehhos Crater”“Overgrown Caves”“Hwael Ruins”“The Power Source”
Solanae Dyson Sphere “Sphere of Influence”“Circles within Circles”“Supply Woes”“The Contested Zone”“The Omega Standoff”“Tower Control”“A Step Between Stars”“Fluidic Destruction”“Surface Tension”
The Delta Quadrant “Escalation”“Mindscape”“Reunion”“Friends in Unlikely Places”“Revelations”“Enemies in All the Usual Places”“The Kobali Front”“The Cavalry”“The Son”“The Temple of my People”“Data Recovery”“With Friends Like These...”“All That Glitters”“Looming Shadows”“Hidden Assault”“A New Warfare”“Know Your Enemies”“Capture the Flag”“Breaking the Wall”“With Our Last Breath”“Our Chance for Peace”“The Dragon's Deceit”“Alliances”“Better with Friends”“Revolution”“Taking Care of Enemies”“Takedown”“What's Left Behind”“Dust to Dust”
Iconian War “Uneasy Allies”“Blood of Ancients”“Delta Flight”“House Pegh”“Time in a Bottle”“Broken Circle”“Butterfly”“Midnight”
Future Proof “Sunrise”“Stormbound”“Time and Tide”“The Temporal Front”“Temporal Reckoning”“Ragnarok”
New Frontiers “Echoes of Light”“Of Signs and Portents”“Survivor”“Mirrors and Smoke”

Temporal Agent Recruitment[edit | edit source]

Main article: Temporal Agent Recruitment

All 23rd century characters who were created and completed “The Battle of Caleb IV” within first few weeks, received a [Temporal Transponder], becoming the Temporal Agents. This gave them access to a plethora of new benefits and rewards, similar to the Delta Recruitment event.

Temporal Agents played a story which was parallel to that of their faction, but had additional, unique goals. Tasked with uncovering probes left by the Na'kuhl, Temporal Agents would sometimes find additional mission steps, marked with a Temporal objective.png symbol, leading to something on the map which would help fight the Temporal Cold War.

Politics[edit | edit source]

The Federation government is a representative republic. It is extremely diverse with a generally liberal attitude, reflecting the broad spectrum of member races party to the Federation charter. The headquarters of the United Federation of Planets is located on Earth in Sector 001. The Federation is led by an elected President who serves as head of state and head of government, and whose office is located in Paris, France.

History[edit | edit source]

See also the full article on Federation history on Memory Alpha.
"Every generation, Starfleet officers hear the call of duty. Hidden dangers lurk in space, and the threat of Klingon attack has made even the most stout-hearted reconsider their choice to travel throughout the stars. A last ditch effort to find a common ground could end this conflict, but there are many who oppose peace. If the Federation is to be saved from chaos, new officers will need to take up the task of restoring peace."

The Federation was formed in San Francisco, Earth, in 2161 upon the signing of the Charter of the United Federation of Planets by its four founding species; the Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites. During the 23rd century, Federation continued expanding through the admittance of more and more worlds. As a result, Starfleet captains often come into conflict with other major neighboring races, such as the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire.

Military[edit | edit source]

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