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Faction Starfleet.png Starbase 39

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Sierra System
Sierra Sector
Facilities Available
Map of Starbase 39 interior
Starbase 39, or Starbase 39-Sierra, is a Starfleet station located in the Sierra System, Sierra Sector, Alpha Centauri Sector Block. It provides players access to the Bank, Mail, and Exchange.

Starbase 39-Sierra is Starfleet's main hub for operations near and beyond the Romulan Neutral Zone.


Starbase 39-Sierra serves as an important Federation starbase near the Romulan Neutral Zone since at least the early 2360s. Over the past decades the starbase played a major role in Federation-Romulan relations and served as an intelligence base for Starfleet.

The starbase was also the hub for rescue and relief efforts after the destruction of Romulus by the Hobus supernova. As of 2409, it is commanded by Admiral T'nae, and the primary base of operations on the Romulan Front.


Admiral T'nae's office

Admiral's Office[edit]

The lounge


The armory


The exchange and shipyard


  • Lieutenant Commander Brocal
  • Ambassador Vimok
  • Ensign Jessiek (common Mk I-IX starship weapons, components, and consumables)
  • Ship Selections Officer
  • Shuttle Requistions Officer

Missions involved[edit]




  • In February 2011, Starbase 39 recieved a new Admiral's Office. This was the same layout with different decoration as the Earth Spacedock Admiral's Office that existed until the 1 Year Anniverary Update in February 2011.
  • In February and March 2012, the station's lighting was revamped along with the addition of some new signs and improved background sounds. [1][2]



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