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Faction Starfleet.png Starbase 24

Starbase 24.jpg

Celes System
Orion Sector
Sector Block:
Sirius Sector Block
Starbase 24 interior - Starbase 24 rescue.png
Map of Starbase 24 interior
You may be looking for the fleet action of the same name, “Starbase 24”.

Starbase 24 is a Federation starbase in the Orion Sector. This station is under attack by the Klingons and is the subject of a low-level Federation Fleet Action to rid the area of the aggressors.

There are many important scientists aboard the station when it comes under attack.

In the game Starbase 24 consists of 2 floors. It is necessary to go onto the second floor to rescue the rest of the scientists.

The U.S.S. McCoy was a part of the Starfleet task force sent to relieve the defenders of the starbase.

System Description[edit]

One of the closest starbases to the neutral zone between Federation and Klingon Empire space, Starbase 24 is essential to Starfleet's war plans. A research team on the station is developing new weapons, and the station's staff is busy around the clock treating wounded and repairing battle-damaged ships.

The station was where survivors of the Khitomer Massacre were taken in 2346, and it still holds a historical archive of records and artifacts related to the event.

Missions Involved[edit]

PvE Queue
  • “Starbase 24” [Space PvE]: The starbase is under attack by a Klingon fleet and Starfleet requests your assistance to defend it!
  • “Starbase 24 Rescue” [Ground PvE]: Rescue scientists aboard the starbase from Klingon boarding parties! (currently not obtainable)


  • The system serves as in-game PvE Queue marker only. The sole option, "Launch Fleet Action Queue" opens the PvE Queue dialog, also available anywhere in-game through the player's UI.
  • The Ground mission “Starbase 24 Rescue” has been removed with the launch of Season Five: Call to Arms and is not obtainable anymore.

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