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Faction Starfleet.png Starbase 114

Starbase 114.jpg

Celes System
Celes Sector
Sector Block:
Regulus Sector Block
Starbase 114 map.png
Map of Starbase 114 interior
Starbase 114 is a Starfleet station in the Celes System, Celes Sector.


  • Commander Cleveland
  • Lt. Commander Thiral (in the main area during Celes System Patrol)
  • Lieutenant Syfir (in cargo bay 2 during Celes System Patrol)
  • Damar Kahn (in the main area during Heading Out)

Missions involved in[edit]


  • Starbase 114 also used to be featured in the (now removed) mission “War is Good for Business”.
  • You will find Starbase 114 not listed in the Celes sector. It is inside the Celes System within the Celes Sector.

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