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Not to be confused with Expertise, formerly known as Bridge Officer skill points, which are used to upgrade Bridge officer abilities.
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Skill points are earned over the course of a character's career in Star Trek Online. Skill points are directly related to a player character's current rank and are required to be earned if the player wishes their character to receive a promotion. Skill points are comparable to "experience" used in other MMORPGs however unlike experience points they are not automatically assigned. Instead the player must manually assign those points on skills. Players are allowed to reset their spent points and redistribute them as they see fit via a respec.

Each character has a balance of skill points, similar to the way any currency in the game works, such as Energy Credits. Skill points are acquired primarily by completing missions. They can also be accrued more slowly by killing players and NPCs of the different factions, in both PvE and PvP.

Note: When a player reaches the skill point cap, any skill points rewarded are automatically converted into expertise by the game.

Once a player has gathered enough skill points, they may be spent on the player's skills. Each skill has nine upgrade levels whose skill point costs depend on the rank (i.e., column) of the skill:

  • 1,000 Skill point icon.png for Lieutenant
  • 1,500 Skill point icon.png for Lt. Commander/Centurion
  • 2,000 Skill point icon.png for Commander/Subcommander
  • 2,500 Skill point icon.png for Captain/Commander
  • 3,000 Skill point icon.png for Admiral/General skills.

The skills window for both player skill points and bridge officer points are viewable and spendable in game by pressing the K key on the keyboard.

Levels Starship Tier Rank Faction Starfleet.png Rank Faction Klingon.png Rank Faction Romulan Republic.png Skill points gained (Σ)
1 Tier 1 Cadet Warrior Citizen 0
3 Lieutenant 13,000
10 Tier 2 Lieutenant Commander Centurion 33,000
20 Tier 3 Commander Subcommander 93,000
30 Tier 4 Captain Commander 173,000
40 Tier 5 Rear Admiral, Lower Half Brigadier General Subadmiral I 263,000
45 Rear Admiral, Upper Half Major General Subadmiral II 313,000
50 Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Vice Admiral 366,000
55 Admiral General Admiral 549,000
60 Fleet Admiral Dahar Master Fleet Admiral 732,000


According to this forum post, for each skill point you receive in-game the game server internally records 100 to make sure that small bonuses accumulate correctly.

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