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Experience Point

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This article contains information that no longer applies to the current version of Star Trek Online. It is provided only for historical purposes.

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Skill points, along with expertise Expertise icon.png, are granted by playing almost any content of Star Trek Online, e.g., defeating NPC or player enemies, completing missions/assignments, and so on. Skill points are comparable to "experience" of other MMORPGs in that their accumulation causes the player to level up, i.e., increase in rank.

While expertise is used to improve the abilities of your Bridge Officers amongst others, skill points can be spent in the player's skill tree (comparable to a talent tree) in order to improve and individualize your character. Points can be spent as soon as they are earned, but new columns of the tree are not unlocked until the respective rank is achieved. The skill tree ends at 366,000 Experience Point icon.png, upon reaching Level 50; from Level 50 up to reaching Level 60, skill points are solely earned for the purpose of leveling up a character.

Levels Starship Tier Rank Faction Starfleet.png Rank Faction Klingon.png Rank Faction Romulan Republic.png Skill points
1 Tier 1 Cadet Warrior Citizen 0
3 Lieutenant 13,000
10 Tier 2 Lieutenant Commander Centurion 33,000
20 Tier 3 Commander Subcommander 93,000
30 Tier 4 Captain Commander 173,000
40 Tier 5 Rear Admiral, Lower Half Brigadier General Subadmiral I 263,000
45 Rear Admiral, Upper Half Major General Subadmiral II 313,000
50 Tier 5-U / Tier 6 Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Vice Admiral 366,000
55 Admiral General Admiral 750,420
60 Fleet Admiral Dahar Master Fleet Admiral 1,498,620

Specialization XP and beyond[edit | edit source]

From Level 50 on, character individualization is shifted from the skill tree to the Reputation system and the Captain Specialization, with the latter system using Specialization Points, awarded at each level from 51 to 60. After reaching Level 60 (being the current level cap), Skill Points are called Specialization Experience, and can be earned indefinitely. Every 159,078 Specialization XP grants one additional Specialization Point, using the Skill Point bar to show the character's progression. Gained Skill Points/Specialization XP from space combat is also used to level Starship Mastery on Tier 5-U and Tier 6 ships.

Once all Specializations have been purchased (as of August 2015, there are 105 specialization points total, therefore one would need to fill their skill bar an additional 95 times), any surplus points earned are converted into dilithium ore Dilithium Ore icon.png. The rate is 2,880 Dilithium Ore icon.png per surplus point which is automatically credited to your character's supplies at the time your experience bar fills and also automatically resets the meter. Note that some surplus points may be accumulated after the maximum before this begins happening (~4). This number is variable because some methods of gaining Specialization points, such as from special event reward boxes and the Federation Admiralty Tour of Duty, will not be recognized for conversion to ore and will simply add more points to your surplus.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • According to this forum post, for each skill point you receive in-game the game server internally records 100 to make sure that small bonuses accumulate correctly.