Skill: Starship Energy Weapons

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Starship Energy Weapons
Lt. Commander (Tier 2)

This skill improves all starship energy weapon damage, including beam, cannon and turret weapons of all energy types.


Starship Energy Weapons is a Tier 2 Tactical skill available to all Starfleet and KDF Lt. Commanders. Each increment of this skill costs 1,500 skillpoints.


This skill increases the base damage of all energy weapons, such as beam weapons, cannons and turrets of all energy types.

This skill has no effect on physical/kinetic weapons such as torpedoes and mines.

Tactical Captains who learn six ranks of this skill will unlock the ability to train Bridge Officers in Beam Array: Fire at Will III and Cannon: Rapid Fire III.

Abilities Affected[edit]

Passively, all which scale based on, or benefit from energy weapon damage.

Rank Progression[edit]

Rank Bonus
1 +18
2 +36
3 +54
4 +64
5 +74
6 +84
7 +89
8 +94
9 +99