Skill: Starship Energy Weapons

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Starship Energy Weapons
Lt. Commander (Tier 2)

This skill improves all starship energy weapon damage, including beam, cannon and turret weapons of all energy types.


Starship Energy Weapons is a Tier 2 Tactical skill available to all Starfleet and KDF Lt. Commanders. Each increment of this skill costs 1,500 skillpoints.

Details[edit | edit source]

This skill increases the base damage of all energy weapons, such as beam weapons, cannons and turrets of all energy types.

This skill has no effect on physical/kinetic weapons such as torpedoes and mines.

Tactical Captains who learn six ranks of this skill will unlock the ability to train Bridge Officers in Beam Array: Fire at Will III and Cannon: Rapid Fire III.

Abilities Affected[edit | edit source]

Passively, all which scale based on, or benefit from energy weapon damage.

Rank Progression[edit | edit source]

Rank Bonus
1 +18
2 +36
3 +54
4 +64
5 +74
6 +84
7 +89
8 +94
9 +99