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Ship Shields are a type of starship equipment that protect your starship against energy-based attacks. There are four main types of ship shields, three of which come with their own unique advantage. there are also several special shields given as mission rewards:

  • The [Shield Array] has balanced stats compared to the three below.
  • The [Covariant Shield Array] has a 10% higher maximum capacity, but 25% slower regeneration rate.
  • The [Regenerative Shield Array] has a 25% faster regeneration rate, but 10% lower maximum capacity.
  • The [Resilient Shield Array] has 5% lower capacity and regeneration, but allows for 5% absorption and 5% bleedthrough, as opposed to the normal 10% bleedthrough.
  • The [Paratrinic Shield Array] is a special mission reward that gives an even larger boost in maximum capacity than the Covariant Shield Array (43% more than standard), but at a significantly lower regeneration (50% less than standard).
  • The [Numiri Regenerative Shield Array] is a special mission reward that gives an even larger boost to regeneration than the regenerative shield array, but with a significantly lower max. capacity.
  • The [Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array] is a special mission reward. This particular variant of Covariant Shield Array is directly equivalent to a Covariant Shield Array [Cap]x2 of whatever Mk level that you acquire it at.

The space sets also include their own special shield component:

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Some Ship Shields may have additional modifiers that either increase existing bonuses or add new ones. It is possible for a Ship Shields to have the same modifier more than once. The following are examples of Ship Shield modifiers.

An Uncommon Ship Shields will have one modifier suffix, Rare will have two, and Very Rare will have three. Rare and Very Rare can have multiples of the same suffix, and stacked suffixes are added together, not multiplied.

Starship Components
Deflectors Regular: StandardGravitonPositronTachyonNeutrino
Special: NeodymiumTal Shiar
Set: Aegis GravitonAssimilated(Breen) Polarized ParabolicCounter-CommandDelta AllianceHonor Guard PositronJem'HadarKobaliM.A.C.O. GravitonOmega Force TachyonReman PrototypeRomulan PrototypeNukara
Fleet: Fleet Deflector Array
Secondary Deflectors Regular: DeterioratingInhibitingResonating
Set: Solanae
Fleet: Strategic Secondary Deflectors
Impulse Engines Regular: StandardCombatHyper
Special: EfficientCombat HyperDynamic ReroutePrototype Gravitic ModulationTetryon-Plasma (small craft)
Set: Aegis HyperAssimilated Subtranswarp (Standard)(Breen) Supercooled CombatCounter-Command HyperDelta Alliance Hyper-EfficientHonor Guard (Combat)Jem'Hadar CombatKobali HyperM.A.C.O. StandardOmega Force HyperReman Prototype (Combat)Romulan PrototypeNukara
Fleet: Fleet Engines
Warp Cores
Regular: StandardField StabilizingHyper InjectionOverchargedPlasma Integrated
Special: (Breen) Cryoplasma InfusedCounter-Command Hyper InjectionDelta Alliance TrajectorKobali Field Stabilizing
Set: Tal Shiar Adapted BorgObelisk Subspace RiftDyson Field Stabilizing Warp Core
Fleet: Fleet Warp Cores
Warp Cores
Regular: StandardField StabilizingHyper InjectionOvercharged
Special: (Breen) Cryoplasma InfusedCounter-Command Hyper InjectionDelta Alliance TrajectorDual InjectionKobali Field Stabilizing
Set: Dyson Field Stabilizing Singularity Core
Fleet: Fleet Singularity Cores
Shield Arrays Regular: StandardCovariantRegenerativeResilient
Special: Metaphasic (small craft)Numiri RegenerativeParatrinic
Set: Aegis CovariantAssimilated Regenerative(Breen) Dielectric Oscillation ResilientCounter-Command CovariantDelta Alliance UnimatrixHonor Guard CovariantJem'Hadar ResilientKobali RegenerativeM.A.C.O. ResilientOmega Force StandardReman Prototype CovariantRomulan Prototype CovariantNukara Crystalline Resilient
Fleet: Fleet Space Shields
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Fleet: Fleet Space Weapons
Devices Consumable: BatteriesDeuterium SurplusDewan Herbal Life Support AdditiveHargh'peng Torpedo LauncherPrototype Ablative Jevonite HardpointsSatellite Turrets and Torpedo PlatformsScorpion Fighters
Permanent: Nimbus Pirate Distress CallNon-combat petsRed Matter CapacitorSubspace Field ModulatorTemporal NegotiatorDelta Alliance Reinforcements Beacon
Consoles Regular: Engineering ConsolesScience ConsolesTactical ConsolesUniversal Consoles
Fleet: Advanced Engineering Armor ConsolesAdvanced Engineering RCS ConsolesWeapon Signature Nullifiers and AmplifiersAdvanced Tactical Vulnerability ConsolesParticle Focuser Science Consoles
Hangar Bays Carrier Pets