Season Two: Ancient Enemies

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Season Two: Ancient Enemies was released on July 27th 2010.

Raised level cap[edit]

Players have access to the following new levels and associated ranks:

Tier 5 ships[edit]

The following new Ships have been added for level 51 players:


The update introduces Mark XI items for level 51 players.

New missions[edit]

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The following new missions have been added:

Federation Diplomatic Corps[edit]

Four diplomatic ranks are introduced, that grant special privileges for players who take part in diplomacy missions.

Fluidic space[edit]

Players can now enter Fluidic space by playing the Undine Front campaign, a new Fleet action and Enemy Signal Contacts (more commonly known as Deep Space Encounters).

Ship interiors[edit]

  • Ready room, crew and engineering decks added and accessible from turbolift
  • Includes room for trophies

Mini games[edit]

The update introduces the Waveform Modulation and Dabo mini-game.

Weekly feature episodes[edit]

Season Two saw the launch of weekly Feature Episode mission arcs. The first series focused on a conflict between the Deferi and the Breen.


New customization options include

  • Fleet emblems
  • Improved and new costume options for Klingons

Test weekend[edit]

Season Two was first released on Tribble 7 July 2010. Cryptic held a Tribble Test Weekend from 23 to 26 July 2010 prior to the release of Season Two. Players who participated received the Fluidic Space Tribble as a reward.

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Seasons in Star Trek Online
Era Season Focus
Release Date

Star Trek Online Game launch
02 Feb 2010
Season 1:
 Common Ground
PvP, new fleet actions, more customization options
24 Mar 2010
Season 2:
 Ancient Enemies
Level cap increase (40-50), Tier 5 ships, new content (Undine Advance, Klingon Sector, Diplomacy missions)
27 Jul 2010
Season 3:
The Foundry (Beta), Sector Space graphics revamp
09 Dec 2010
Season 4:
Ground combat revamp, UI update, revamp of First City
07 Jul 2011
Season 5:
 Call to Arms
Defera Adventure Zone, Duty Officer system, skill revamp and STF overhaul
01 Dec 2011
Season 6:
 Under Siege
Fleet Advancement System (including fleet ships and missions), Nukara Adventure Zone
12 Jul 2012
Season 7:
 New Romulus
New Romulus Adventure Zone, Reputation System and Tau Dewa Sector Block
13 Nov 2012
RomulanRepublic Large.png

Legacy of Romulus
Playable Romulan faction (with its own ships, missions and hubs), Klingon missions for levels 1-20, Nimbus Adventure Zone, UI revamp, New equipment slot: Warp Core
21 May 2013
Season 8:
 The Sphere
New enemy (the Voth) and Reputation faction, Dyson Sphere Space Adventure Zone & Ground Battlezone
12 Nov 2013
Season 8.5 4th Anniversary with new Feature Mission, Klingon War revamp, starship switching mechanics
30 Jan 2014
Season 9:
 A New Accord
New Feature Mission advancing timeline to 2410, Space Battlezone, Borg Advance revamp, revamp of Reputation System, Traits & Kits
22 Apr 2014
Season 9.5 Crafting revamp
21 Jul 2014
Delta Rising Large.png

Delta Rising
Level cap increase (50-60), Tier 6 ships and Mk XIII-XIV gear, addition of Delta Quadrant
14 Oct 2014