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Season One: Common Ground was released on March 24th 2010.

[edit] PvP Updates

Two new PvP updates are scheduled to be released as part of Season One: Common Ground: a Federation vs. Federation PvP battleground, presumably for space combat; and “Shanty Town”, a new PvP ground assault map for both Klingon and Federation players.

[edit] Customization

New customization options include off-duty outfits, new hairstyles, two new stances (Stern and Relaxed), and “The Captain's Log”, a web-based application that will allow you to check in on your own or your friends' Captains and starships outside of the game.

[edit] Ships

There will be a new starship available to Klingon Lieutenant Commanders: the K’Tanco Battle Cruiser. Birds of Prey, Carriers and Raptors will now have customization options available.

[edit] Missions

Three new Fleet Actions will be introduced: “The Big Dig”, which takes place in Romulan space; a full-scale invasion by True Way forces of Deep Space 9 in “DS9 under Siege!”; and the ability for Klingon Captains to access the “Crystalline Catastrophe”, Big Dig and “Breaking the Planet” Fleet Actions.

[edit] Skills

The long-awaited respec system will be implemented in three different ways: as a C-Store purchase, as an in-game reward for ranking up; and as a purchase in exchange for Starfleet Merits from Skill Trainers. Furthermore, three new skills will be introduced: Starship Attack Vectors, Combat Maneuvers, and Starship Battle Strategy.

[edit] Cryptic Store

Besides the respec system, players will also be able to purchase new Bridge variants, new Federation Starship variants, additional character slots, official name changes, and three new playable species: Tellarites, Pakleds, and Rigelians.

[edit] Lifetime Subscriber Perks

Lifers are now recognized both on the official STO forum and in-game by a special Career Officer title. Lifers also have access to the Captain's Table, an exclusive area in the area right outside of Earth Spacedock, as well as a special uniform combadge (the Starfleet delta logo over a sizable starburst emblem).

[edit] Test Weekend

Season One was first released on Tribble 10 March 2010. Cryptic held a Tribble Test Weekend from 19 to 23 March 2010 prior to the release of Season One. Players who participated received the Tribble of Borg and Crash Test Tribble player title as rewards.

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Season Focus
Release Date
Season 1: Common Ground PvP and customization
24 March 2010
Season 2: Ancient Enemies Level cap increase, Tier 5 and content (Undine Advance)
27 July 2010
Season 3: Genesis The Foundry (Beta)
9 December 2010
Season 4: Crossfire Ground combat revamp, UI update and Klingon missions
7 July 2011
Season 5: Call to Arms Duty Officer system, skill revamp and STF overhaul
1 December 2011
Season 6: Under Siege Fleet Advancement System, fleet ships and missions
12 July 2012
Season 7: New Romulus New Romulus, Reputation System and Tau Dewa Sector Block
13 November 2012
Legacy of Romulus
Playable Romulan faction, with its own ships and missions
21 May 2013
Season 8: The Sphere New enemy (the Voth) and Dyson Sphere Space Adventure Zone
12 November 2013
 - Season 8.5 4th Anniversary, mission revamp, starship switching mechanics
30 January 2014
Season 9: A New Accord Dyson/Voth/Delta Quadrant storyline, new military fleet holding, kit revamp
22 April 2014

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