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Science Consoles increase Skill stats of your ship which increase certain effects of your Bridge officer ability. There are also non-skill related consoles which affect aspect of your shield and crew.

Skill related consoles[edit]

Icon Console Name Augmented skill
Console - Science - Induction Stabilizer icon.png Countermeasure System Starship Countermeasure Systems
Console - Science - Astrometric Imaging Scanner icon.png Emitter Array Starship Shield Emitters
Console - Science - Flow Capacitor icon.png Flow Capacitor Starship Flow Capacitors
Console - Science - Graviton Generator icon.png Graviton Generator Starship Graviton Generators
Console - Science - Multi-Spectro Scanner icon.png Inertial Dampeners Starship Inertial Dampeners
Console - Science - Holomatrix Diode icon.png Particle Generator Starship Particle Generators
Console - Science - Halon System icon.png Power Insulator Starship Power Insulators
Console - Science - Sensor Probes icon.png Sensor Probes Starship Sensors
Console - Science - Tomographic Imager icon.png Stealth Module Starship Stealth


All skill related consoles give the same bonus to their relevant skill, as shown below.

Minimum Rank Mk
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Lieutenant Mk I +3.8 +5.6 +7.5 +9.4
Lieutenant Mk II +5.6 +7.5 +9.4 +11.2
Lt. Commander Mk III +7.5 +9.4 +11.2 +13.1
Lt. Commander Mk IV +9.4 +11.2 +13.1 +15
Commander Mk V +11.2 +13.1 +15 +16.9
Commander Mk VI +13.1 +15 +16.9 +18.8
Captain Mk VII +15 +16.9 +18.8 +20.6
Captain Mk VIII +16.9 +18.8 +20.6 +22.5
Rear Admiral Lower Half / Brigadier General Mk IX +18.8 +20.6 +22.5 +24.4
Rear Admiral Lower Half / Brigadier General Mk X +20.6 +22.5 +24.4 +26.2
Rear Admiral Upper Half / Major General Mk XI +22.5 +24.4 +26.2 +28.1
Rear Admiral Upper Half / Major General Mk XII +24.4 +26.2 +28.1 +30

Non-skill related console[edit]

Icon Console Name Augmented Effects (%)
Console - Science - Biofunction Monitor icon.png Biofunction Monitor Crew Recovery Rate
Console - Engineering - Field Generator icon.png Field Generator Maximum Shield Capacity
Console - Engineering - Shield Emitter Amplifier icon.png Shield Emitter Amplifier Shield Regeneration Rate


All non-skill related consoles give a different bonus.

Special Consoles[edit]

Icon Console Name Effects
Console - Science - EMH icon.png EMH 400% Crew Recovery
Console - Science - Shield Refrequencer Mk XII icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Shield Refrequencer 10% Chance of Shield HoT when using a shield heal power.
Protonic Energy Stabilizer Module.

Threat-Scaling Science Consoles[edit]

See main article: Threat-Scaling Science Consoles

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