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Science Consoles increase Skill stats of your ship which increase certain effects of your Bridge officer ability. There are also non-skill related consoles which affect aspect of your shield and crew.

Skill related consoles[edit | edit source]

Icon Console Name Augmented skill
Console - Science - Induction Stabilizer icon.png Countermeasure System Starship Countermeasure Systems
Console - Science - Astrometric Imaging Scanner icon.png Emitter Array Starship Shield Emitters
Console - Science - Flow Capacitor icon.png Flow Capacitor Starship Flow Capacitors
Console - Science - Graviton Generator icon.png Graviton Generator Starship Graviton Generators
Console - Science - Multi-Spectro Scanner icon.png Inertial Dampeners Starship Inertial Dampeners
Console - Science - Holomatrix Diode icon.png Particle Generator Starship Particle Generators
Console - Science - Halon System icon.png Power Insulator Starship Power Insulators
Console - Science - Sensor Probes icon.png Sensor Probes Starship Sensors
Console - Science - Tomographic Imager icon.png Stealth Module Starship Stealth

Stats[edit | edit source]

All skill related consoles give the same bonus to their relevant skill, as shown below.

Minimum Rank Mk
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Lieutenant Mk I +3.8 +5.6 +7.5 +9.4
Lieutenant Mk II +5.6 +7.5 +9.4 +11.2
Lt. Commander Mk III +7.5 +9.4 +11.2 +13.1
Lt. Commander Mk IV +9.4 +11.2 +13.1 +15
Commander Mk V +11.2 +13.1 +15 +16.9
Commander Mk VI +13.1 +15 +16.9 +18.8
Captain Mk VII +15 +16.9 +18.8 +20.6
Captain Mk VIII +16.9 +18.8 +20.6 +22.5
Rear Admiral Lower Half / Brigadier General Mk IX +18.8 +20.6 +22.5 +24.4
Rear Admiral Lower Half / Brigadier General Mk X +20.6 +22.5 +24.4 +26.2
Rear Admiral Upper Half / Major General Mk XI +22.5 +24.4 +26.2 +28.1
Rear Admiral Upper Half / Major General Mk XII +24.4 +26.2 +28.1 +30

Non-skill related console[edit | edit source]

Icon Console Name Augmented Effects (%)
Console - Science - Biofunction Monitor icon.png Biofunction Monitor Crew Recovery Rate
Console - Science - Field Generator icon.png Field Generator Maximum Shield Capacity
Console - Engineering - Shield Emitter Amplifier icon.png Shield Emitter Amplifier Shield Regeneration Rate

Stats[edit | edit source]

All non-skill related consoles give a different bonus.

Special Consoles[edit | edit source]

Icon Console Name Effects
Console - Science - EMH icon.png EMH 400% Crew Recovery
Console - Science - Shield Refrequencer Mk XII icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Shield Refrequencer 10% Chance of Shield HoT when using a shield heal power.
Protonic Energy Stabilizer Module.
No icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Restorative Particle Focuser 25% to give a 6% damage bonus for 30 sec (stacks up to 5 times) when using any Hull heal or Shield heal ability (activates on last tick).

Threat-Scaling Science Consoles[edit | edit source]

See main article: Threat-Scaling Science Consoles

Starship Components
Deflectors Regular: StandardGravitonPositronTachyonNeutrino
Special: NeodymiumTal Shiar
Set: Aegis GravitonAssimilated(Breen) Polarized ParabolicCounter-CommandDelta AllianceHonor Guard PositronJem'HadarKobaliM.A.C.O. GravitonOmega Force TachyonReman PrototypeRomulan PrototypeNukara
Fleet: Fleet Deflector Array
Secondary Deflectors Regular: DeterioratingInhibitingResonating
Set: Solanae
Impulse Engines Regular: StandardCombatHyper
Special: EfficientCombat HyperDynamic ReroutePrototype Gravitic ModulationTetryon-Plasma (small craft)
Set: Aegis HyperAssimilated Subtranswarp (Standard)(Breen) Supercooled CombatCounter-Command HyperDelta Alliance Hyper-EfficientHonor Guard (Combat)Jem'Hadar CombatKobali HyperM.A.C.O. StandardOmega Force HyperReman Prototype (Combat)Romulan PrototypeNukara
Fleet: Fleet Engines
Warp Cores
Regular: StandardField StabilizingHyper InjectionOverchargedPlasma Integrated
Special: (Breen) Cryoplasma InfusedCounter-Command Hyper InjectionDelta Alliance TrajectorKobali Field Stabilizing
Set: Tal Shiar Adapted BorgObelisk Subspace RiftDyson Field Stabilizing Warp Core
Fleet: Fleet Warp Cores
Warp Cores
Regular: StandardField StabilizingHyper InjectionOvercharged
Special: (Breen) Cryoplasma InfusedCounter-Command Hyper InjectionDelta Alliance TrajectorDual InjectionKobali Field Stabilizing
Set: Dyson Field Stabilizing Singularity Core
Fleet: Fleet Singularity Cores
Shield Arrays Regular: StandardCovariantRegenerativeResilient
Special: Metaphasic (small craft)Numiri RegenerativeParatrinic
Set: Aegis CovariantAssimilated Regenerative(Breen) Dielectric Oscillation ResilientCounter-Command CovariantDelta Alliance UnimatrixHonor Guard CovariantJem'Hadar ResilientKobali RegenerativeM.A.C.O. ResilientOmega Force StandardReman Prototype CovariantRomulan Prototype CovariantNukara Crystalline Resilient
Fleet: Fleet Space Shields
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Fleet: Fleet Space Weapons
Devices Consumable: BatteriesDeuterium SurplusDewan Herbal Life Support AdditiveHargh'peng Torpedo LauncherPrototype Ablative Jevonite HardpointsSatellite Turrets and Torpedo PlatformsScorpion Fighters
Permanent: Nimbus Pirate Distress CallNon-combat petsRed Matter CapacitorSubspace Field ModulatorTemporal Negotiator
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