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Romulan Bridge Officers (or Romulan Officer) are Romulan bridge officer candidates available from the Romulan Fleet Embassy as rewards for Recruitment tiers. They can come with unique traits.

Possible Unique Traits[edit | edit source]

This officer is not customizable like standard bridge officers. Players are not able to change body type, facial characteristics, or add custom uniforms to him.

Controversy over basic and superior traits[edit | edit source]

Like all Bridge Officers, each rarity comes with a certain mix of basic, normal, and superior traits. These modifiers were randomly assigned to each bridge officer, so it is possible to have a Romulan bridge officer with a basic or normal unique Romulan trait. The biggest place this is evident is for blues - the male Tactical officer comes with Superior Romulan Operative while the female comes with normal Romulan Operative. Devs have said that at some point they may add additional selections to the embassy to give more variety.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Green bridge officers cost 40,000 Fleet Credits and 10,000 Dilithium.

Blue bridge officers cost 80,000 Fleet Credits and 20,000 Dilithium.

Purple bridge officers cost 160,000 Fleet Credits and 40,000 Dilithium.

Example bridge officers[edit | edit source]

These are examples of bridge officers available from the embassy. When targeting a specific Romulan Bridge Officer trait, make sure you are choosing a BOFF with the correct modifier.

Romulan ensign engineering bridge officer green.jpg Romulan ensign tactical bridge officer blue female.jpg Romulan ensign tactical bridge officer blue male.jpg Romulan ensign tactical bridge officer purple male.jpg

Trading and Training[edit | edit source]

Romulan Bridge Officer are tradeable like any other Bridge Officer, too. However, once traded the bridge officers may lose body parts such as unique faces, boots, and hands. Because these unique bridge officers' appearances cannot be customized, they are stuck in a "broken" looking state.

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