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A Romulan female
A Romulan male

Romulans are an offspring species of the Vulcans that emigrated to the planet Romulus ca. 2000 years ago. Romulans are extremely talented at subterfuge, making their use of cloaking devices unparalleled and their damage bonus from de-cloaking higher than that of other species. Additionally, Romulans' Vulcan heritage is reflected in their immense physical strength, making them powerful melee combatants. After a failed coup d'état in 2379 and the destruction of Romulus in 2387, different factions formed among the surviving Romulans.

As of 2410, two major Romulan factions exist:

  1. Faction Romulan Republic.png
    The Romulan Republic, led by the reunificationist Proconsul D'Tan, is a playable faction based on New Romulus, or "Mol'Rihan". The Republic cooperates with the Reman Resistance and is supported by the United Federation of Planets as well as the Klingon Empire.
  2. Faction Romulan Star Empire.png
    The Romulan Star Empire (or, as its detractors might say, what's left of the Empire), with its capital Rihan on Rator III, was ruled by Empress Sela and controlled by the oppressive Tal Shiar. Sela had also enlisted the help of Hirogen Hunters and Cardassians of the True Way to strengthen her rule. Moreover, the Star Empire cooperates with the mysterious Elachi and is rumored to be secretly influnced by the Iconians.

Early history[edit]

For the more recent history see Romulan Star Empire - History

The Romulans began as a group of Vulcans who were referenced as "those who march beneath the Raptor's wings" during the violent Time of Awakening, also called "the Sundering" by the Romulans. As they kept refusing to accept the Vulcan philosopher Surak's teachings of complete suppression of emotions, they split off from Vulcan society and left the planet in the 4th century, taking with them revered artifacts like the Sword of the Raptor Star.

Traveling among the stars in huge generational ships, the outcast Vulcans created several off-shoot civlizations, e.g., the Debrune, by settling on various planets including Barradas III. Before or after this, the proto-Romulans reached Dewa III, which they named "Vastam". Some desired to settle there, not wanting to return to the cold and cramped ships, while others believed they could not make the necessary changes to live there. Eventually an open debate was organized to make the decision. Despite the good intentions, things quickly deteriorated and a massive riot began. By the time it ended, 247 people had been killed. The survivors unanimously decided to leave and ultimately settled on the planet Romulus.



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Duty officers[edit]

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