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The Reputation System menu for KDF players...
... and Federation players.

The personal Reputation System is a way for level 50-players to earn reputation with different factions or groups within Star Trek Online. Its general setup is similar to the Fleet Advancement System - By completing projects requiring faction-specific marks and various other resources, the player can advance through five tiers per faction, unlocking new items and abilities that are specific to that faction or group.

During the three hour-long Bonus Marks Event, the amount of all rewarded faction-specific marks is increased.

The Reputation System was added with Season 7 and can be accessed from the Character Status window (default keybind U). Unlike the Fleet Advancement System, a player does not need to be part of a fleet and it is a completely individual track.


[edit] Available factions

See also: List of Reputation System projects

With its debut as part of Season 7, the Reputation System came with two initial factions: the Romulan Republic and Task Force Omega. Legacy of Romulus brought the addition of the Nukara Strikeforce. With the release of Season Eight: The Sphere, the Dyson Sphere Joint Command was added.

[edit] Dyson Joint Command

Dyson Mark icon.png
Dyson Joint Command Commendation icon.png

The Dyson Joint Command is a task force jointly formed by the Federation, the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Republic. Headquartered at the Dyson Sphere Joint Command, its mission is to explore the Solanae Dyson Sphere in the Delta Quadrant and to deal with the Omega particle threat brought by the Voth, who are occupying parts of the Dyson Sphere.

Projects mainly require Dyson Marks Dyson Marks granted by the following missions:

Many missions in the sphere also reward a Dyson Joint Command Commendation Dyson Joint Command Commendation which can be spent on a daily reputation project that awards a very large amount of reputation experience. All space and ground equipment projects also require Voth Cybernetic Implants obtained by completing Storming the Spire elite and completing the Ground Battle Zone within the Dyson Sphere.

[edit] Nukara Strikeforce

Nukara Mark icon.png

Help the Nukara Strikeforce combat the ever present Tholian threat. Earn Nukara Marks by participating in missions and events that are focused on eliminating Tholians.

Projects require Nukara Marks Nukara Marks granted by the following missions:

[edit] New Romulus

Romulan Mark icon.png

Assist the colonization and restoration projects on and around New Romulus, the capital of the Romulan Republic. Earn Romulan Marks by participating in missions and events that take place on and near their new home planet in the Tau Dewa Sector Block.

Projects require Romulan Marks Romulan Marks granted by the following missions:

[edit] Task Force Omega

Omega Mark icon.png

Task Force Omega is a cross-faction strike team dedicated to combating the ongoing threat of Borg invasions. Earn Omega Marks by participating in Special Task Forces (group-centric PvE queue events), the Borg Invasion of Defera and Borg Red Alerts.

Projects require Omega Marks Omega Marks granted by the following missions:

Unlocking Mark XII items also requires Borg Neural Processors. At least one and sometimes six or eleven Neural Processors are awarded per Elite STF run. They may also be rewarded from completion of normal difficulty STF missions on rare occasions.

[edit] Events

Autographed 8x10 Glossy Picture of Q icon.png

The "Events faction" was added April 11, 2013. It serves as a means to distribute additional rewards for time-limited events via special reputation projects requiring items earned during those time spans.

[edit] Sponsorships

By Season 8, Sponsorships are now available: Once you reach Tier 5 in any reputation a special project ("upgrade") will become availible: Reputation Sponsorship
It will cost you 100 marks of the specific reputation and give you a account-bind-on-pickup token that can be used in a Tier 1 special project of the same reputation on any character on your account. Claiming the sponsorship will double your Reputation XP on that character for its lifetime.

[edit] Rewards

See main article: Reputation System/Rewards

[edit] Reputation System Costs

The information below was compiled using only the following missions:

  • Send Supplies to New Romulus
  • Support Colonization Efforts of the New Romulans
  • File Situation Report on Status of the Borg Threat
  • Submit Research Materials to Omega

For more information on these missions go to List of Reputation System projects. Commodities and Consumables Required:

[edit] The Data


[edit] Pricing using Vendors

STO Reputation VendPricing.png

Queue the next project before you get to the end of the current Tier. The project of the current tier you are on is going to require less resources than the project of the next tier. Projects yield the same experience on any tier. Therefore if you can run a Tier 1 project while you are in Tier 2, you end up getting the same experience for less cost. You can accomplish this by making sure you Queue up a Tier 1 project, before you finish Tier 1. The same can be done at each of the Tier levels. This is a small savings but it can reduce some of the burden.

  • This does not apply to the Dyson reputation which has constant costs across all tiers (In fact, if you do the above for Dyson rep you will miss out on a reward box of the higher tier)

[edit] Omega Marks

  • Omega marks can be acquired through Borg Red Alerts, Defara Invasion zone and STFs. Elite STFs will yield double Marks.
  • Each of the different STFs will yield a different amount of Marks. Into the Hive will yield a higher base Omega Marks than the other STFs.
  • Completing the optional will also yield bonus Omega Marks.

[edit] Romulan Marks

  • Romulan Marks can be acquired through several PvE Queues, Sector Patrols,and at New Romulus System.

For a limited time during the 2012 "Q's Winter Wonderland" event, Romulan Marks could also be earned by using the GPL Converter Console, and trading in a fully mature Epohh Elder (with Bow) in return for 200 Romulan Marks.(A fully mature Epohh Elder (with Bow) was available when gaining a critical success after completing an Epohh-raising DOff mission.) Now, after the 2012 "Q's Winter Wonderland", it is still possible to trade the winter commodities for GPL and Epohhs for Romulan Marks, at GPL Converter Console at Quark's bar on DS9.

[edit] PvE Queues
  • Azure Nebula Rescue (Space) - 15 to 25 Marks depending on performance
  • Mine Trap (Ground) - 20 to 40 Marks depending on performance
  • The Vault: Ensnared (Space) - 15 to 20 Marks depending on performance
[edit] Sector Patrol Daily

You can pickup the Tau Dewa Sector Patrol mission from Subcommander Mivak. Go to your Hail Starfleet and select the Available tab. At the bottom you will find the Sector Patrol mission. When you are in the Tau Dewa Block you can enter any of the systems and complete the mission. The missions contribute to the completion of your Daily mission. The individual sector patrols can be repeated, once everyone has left the system you can re-enter to start the mission again.

System  % Completion Mission
Acamar System 15% Mediate clan dispute
Archer System 20% Defeat Tholians
Beta Thoridor System 20% Defeat Rival Klingons
Carraya System 20% Defeat Tal Shiar
Galorndon Core System 15% Escort Gekli
Gamma Eridon System 20% Defeat Rebel Gorn
Japori System 20% Defeat Nausicaans
Narendra System 20% Defeat Hirogen
Nequencia System 20% Successful Bartering
Pheben System 15% Quarantine mining facility
Starbase 234 10% Test Starbase defences
[edit] New Romulus System

On New Romulus you will find a Transporter System. Around each of the transporters there will be a mission officer. Depending on your Romulan Tier level this officer might not be available to you. The mission officer can provide you with a daily mission, which when completed, will yield 10 Romulan Marks. You will need to travel on foot to each of the transporters to unlock them for future use. Additionally, there are Red Alert events, and they can offer you more Romulan Marks, depending on your performance. More Red Alert events will unlock as you get higher in the Romulan Reputation system.

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