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Redshirt is the name of a Star Trek Online shard (server) which is sometimes made available through the games launcher as an additional testing server. The conditions for it being made public vary upon need. On September 16, 2011 Redshirt shard was temporarily made public and replaced the previous purpose of the Tribble server[1]. This server was no longer public after the F2P build was pushed live to Holodeck.

Redshirt has previously been assumed by players to be an internal Q/A shard for the Devs use. But this assumption has been corrected[2].

Redshirt's made its next appearance on the launcher May 23, 2012. When players were told it will be taking the place of Tribble as the test server for all builds that are heading to the live environment, Holodeck, while Tribble will be used to test new code[3].

Redshirt's made another appearance on the launcher Jan 15, 2015 during, and after Winter Event ending maintainance.


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