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Faction Q.png Q's Winter Wonderland

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Facilities Available
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Map of Q's Winter Wonderland

Q's Winter Wonderland is a recurring event that was first active in December 2011 through January 2012. Around December each year, Q will be sending players to his Winter Wonderland. According to the in-game calender, the Winter Wonderland will be accessible starting December 4th, 2014.


Q has appeared at Earth Spacedock and Qo'noS to celebrate the holidays with a special Winter Wonderland.

Missions Available[edit]

NPCs ( Allies )[edit]





Breen Confederacy[edit]

NPCs ( Enemies )[edit]


For a complete list with the duty officer assignments (rewarding Holiday Collectibles) obtained on this area or Q's Winter Wonderland related, see Winter Event assignments.


For the accolade Snowman About Town icon.png Snowman About Town (rewards title "Frosty") there are more than 7 snowmen scenes locations but only 7 are counting.Some of them have a random triggering location.Click on the Q's Winter Wonderland map for more details.

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Snowman About Town icon.png Snowman About Town Find all of the snowman scenes in Q's Winter Wonderland. Look at all the snowman scenes. Awards title "Frosty" 30
Ice Racer icon.png Ice Racer Win 10 races on Q's Winter Wonderland ice track. Complete and turn in “Fastest Game On Ice” ten times. Awards title "Speedy" 30
Fast and Flurrious icon.png Fast and Flurrious Finish 20 races on Q's competitive Winter Wonderland track, or take 1st place in the race. Complete “The Fast and The Flurrious” 20 times or win once. Awards title "Fast and Flurrious" 30
Snowball Hero icon.png Snowball Hero Participate in 20 snowball fights in Q's Winter Wonderland Complete “Snowball Fight!” 20 times. 30
Snowshoe icon.png Snowshoe Acquire a snow epohh with a bow, a p'epohh-mint epohh with a bow, or a candy stripe epohh with earmuffs Complete, with a Critical Success, one of the Epohh Duty Officer missions offered by the Romulan Researcher in Q's Winter Wonderland 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Holiday Chef Create all of the holiday foods by completing recipe missions. Recipes are found in the present which is found in the Winter Invasion map. Turn the recipes in to the chef at Q's Winter Wonderland for missions. 20
Allocade Nibbler.png Nibbler Collect 10 candies on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Brought Enough for Everybody Collect 25 candies on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Sweet-toothed Collect 50 candies on the Winter Invasion map. Awards title "Sweet-toothed" 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Gingerhelper Helped 10 gingerbread people. Help 10 gingerbread people on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Gingerfriend Helped 25 gingerbread people. Help 25 gingerbread people on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Gingerbuddy Helped 50 gingerbread people. Awards title "Gingerbro" Help 50 gingerbread people on the Winter Invasion map. 10
Allocade Nibbler.png Abominable Behavior Defeat Yeti. Defeat the Yeti in the cave of the Winter Invasion map. 10


Changes in the 2013 edition


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