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This article is about non-kit specific player abilities. For the abilities granted by kits and as well as those possessed by Bridge Officers, see Bridge officer abilities.

Player specific abilities (sometimes referred to in game as powers and by other players as player leveled abilities) are earned as you spend skill points and achieve higher ranks and grades. Whilst you may be at a specific level, you will not unlock the corresponding ability until you have spent enough skill points. The table below is a list of abilities you will be granted as you achieve a certain rank and grade. For each rank you earn:

Starting at Lieutenant Commander, all previously owned skills (i.e. Lieutenant skills at Lt. Comm.) will upgrade to their next rank once you achieve it through skill point rank up (you must hit Lt. Comm. 1, not just Lt. 11). An an example, Tactical Lieutenants at grade 5 will receive the Target Optics I ability. At Lt Commander 5, they will receive Rank II, and at Captain 5, Rank III.

In ground combat players also share bridge officer abilities which they can use through the use of a Kit. For a list of those abilities see the bridge officer abilities article.

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Career Specific Abilities[edit]

The table below shows both ground and space abilities that players of all career paths will receive during their character's career. It only shows when players receive the first rank of a new ability. Secondary and tertiary ranks of the ability are gained as the player ranks up, which is explained above.

Rank Tactical Engineering Science
Lt Commander
Rear Admiral Lower Half &
Brigadier General
Rear Admiral Upper Half &
Major General

Shared Abilities[edit]

The table below shows both ground and space abilities that are available to players of all career paths. As mentioned above, the secondary and tertiary ranks of these abilities unlock themselves as the player increases in rank and grade. For more information see the introduction of this article.

The exceptions to this rule are the Transwarp and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation abilities, which are available to players immediately.

Rank Space Ground
Lt Commander
Rear Admiral, Lower Half &
Brigadier General
Vice Admiral &
Lieutenant General

Activatable Ground Traits[edit]

Certain ground traits give players access to abilities, which have the same name as the trait that grants it. Like other traits, these are either required or optional for specific species:

Ability Required for Optional for
Bite none Gorn‡
Borg Neural Blast none Liberated Borg
Mind Meld none Vulcan†
Nerve Pinch none Vulcan†
Pounce none Caitian†, Ferasan‡
Seduce none Orion
Spirit Walk Rigelian† none
Telekinetic none Alien, Lethean‡
Rapture Lethean‡ none
  • † Federation only
  • ‡ KDF only

Other abilities, such as Cryonic Visor Beam, Mental Burst, Pacification, and Project Image are only available to bridge officers, not players.

Diplomacy Abilities[edit]

With the addition of diplomacy in Star Trek Online, Federation players can earn abilities by taking strides in this non-combat role. These abilities are available to all career paths and all levels.

Rank Space Ground
  • None
Consul None
Envoy None
Ambassador None

Marauding Abilities[edit]

With the addition of the Marauding-commendation tier in Star Trek Online, Klingon players can earn abilities. These abilities are available to all career paths and all levels.

Rank Space Ground
  • None
Privateer None
Pirate None
Marauder None