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Ocampa concept art for Delta Rising

Ocampa are a humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant.


3,000 years ago the Ocampan homeworld was accidentally devestated by Nacene explorers. One of the Nacene, later known as the "Caretaker", built a vast underground city and provided the Ocampa with energy, food, water and protection.

By 2371, the Caretaker was dying and searched the entire Milky Way for a compatible species to create an offspring, who could continue to provide for the Ocampa. One of the ships pulled to the Delta Quadrant was U.S.S. Voyager, which soon after its arrival was attacked by Kazon forces. Then-captain Kathryn Janeway decided to destroy the Caretaker's array in order to not let the technology fall into the Kazon's hand. Soon after, the Caretaker passed away, leaving the Ocampa on their own terms for the first time in three millennia. One Ocampa, Kes, even joined Voyager's crew for a few years, on the ship's long journey home to the Alpha Quadrant.

It was estimated that the Ocampa's supplies would last until 2375. By the late 2370s, the Ocampa started sending out generational ships into the Delta Quadrant, seeking new allies such as the Talaxians and a new home. By 2409 at least one Ocampa, Lieutenant Linea, was serving in Starfleet.


Besides the shape of their ears, Ocampa look like Humans. Ocampa are a telepathic species and have a short lifespan compared to most other humanoid species, typically less then a decade. However, individuals have survived into their twenties with the assistance of non-Ocampan technology.

At least some Ocampans also possess very powerful telepathic abilities, with Voyager's crewmember Kes evolving to a higher lifeform in 2374. It is unknown, if all Ocampa possess this potential or if Kes' transformation was a singular incident.




  • Ocampa can be easily recreated in the Alien Generator by using a Human-like template and applying the Ocampa ears.
  • It has not been revaled, how Linnea ended up in the Alpha Quadrant. Delta Rising lore implies, that she might have followed in the footsteps of Kes, like many other Ocampa did by the late 2370s.[1]
  • Delta Rising concept art shows characters closely resembling Kes and Tanis. However, it is not known if this implies the return of their characters and/or their respective actors.
  • Star Trek: Voyager episodes which focus on the Ocampa include Caretaker, Elogium, Cold Fire, Before and After, and The Gift

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