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Faction Federation.pngMobius Temporal Destroyer
Mobius Temporal Destroyer.jpg
Rank background icon.png
Rear Admiral Rank icon (Federation).png
Standard Shields:
5,381 (Mk X)
Shield Modifier:
Fore 4 Aft 3
Can equip dual cannons.
Bridge Officers:
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Device Slots:
Console tac icon.png 4 Console eng icon.png 2 Console sci icon.png 4
Turn Rate:
Impulse Modifier:
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+5 auxiliary power
800Lobi Crystal icon.png
Manheim Effect icon (Federation).png Manheim Effect

The Mobius Temporal Destroyer is an Admiral (Tier 5) level Escort. It is 29th century Mirror Universe timeship recovered from the Tholian Assembly. Most of the advanced technology from these ships have been stripped, and have been replaced with contemporary equipment.

Mobius Temporal Destroyers appear to be similar to the Federation Timeship encountered by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Unlike the Wells Class, however, these ships appear to be from the Mirror Universe, and as mirror universe ships, it is not surprising that the Mobius class seems to be built more for combat, than for protecting the timeline.

The Mobius Temporal Destroyer comes with a Console – Universal – Manheim Device, which can only be used on Timeships.

It is only available to Federation captains as a purchase from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 800 Lobi Crystal icon.png, although crates that contain the Mobius Temporal Destroyer can sometimes be found on the Exchange.


[edit] Variants

[edit] Mobius class

Mobius class
Aeon Skin

As a Mirror Universe variant of the Wells-class Temporal ship, the Mobius has a similar profile, and bears a resemblance to real-life atmospheric aircraft, featuring a tapered, delta-shaped design, slim, flat central hull, and rear-mounted impulse thrusters. However, the Mobius' profile is slightly more aggressive. Rather than being tapered to a point, the Mobius' nose is indented in the middle, producing a fang-like two-pronged forward projection. The "wings" sweep slightly forwards, and the ventral deflector dish is located in the forward hull rather than towards the rear. When activating its Manheim Device Temporal console (or the Wells' Tipler Cylinder if mounted), bright plumes of energy erupt from circular blisters on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of its "wings".

Rather than the Wells' natural blue-gray hull color, the Mobius has a naturally red hull, with purple highlights and the angular yellow Terran Empire stripe also featured on the other Mirror Universe starships that are obtainable.

(Purchase of the Aeon Timeship provides the Mobius' with an extra colour option, via the ship tailor)

[edit] Performance

The Mobius Temporal Destroyer is essentially an escort version of the Wells Temporal Science Vessel. It has equal maneuverability to the Wells, but a higher hull strength, compatibility with cannons, and an escort-style weapon layout (4 front, 3 aft). Like an escort, it also has a lower shield modifier than the Wells, and no native subsystem targeting or sensor analysis ability. It drops one engineering console slot in favor of a tactical console slot. The Mobius' bridge officer layout is also tactically focused, with no native science stations whatsoever, devoting its Commander and Lieutenant stations dedicate to tactical functions.

However, thanks to the presence of the Mobius' universal Lt. Commander and Lieutenant stations, the destroyer can still mount an effective suite of science or engineering abilities as needed. This versatility allows the Mobius to perform in a style usually employed by a Multi-Vector Advanced Escort or Tactical Escort Retrofit as the captain chooses.

The Mobius' Manheim Device console allows it or a similarly equipped Timeship to summon two temporal "clone" ships, in a manner akin to the Fleet Support or Photonic Fleet abilities. However, the ability comes with a caveat. Though generally more powerful than typical summoned craft, the temporal duplicates do not bear the exact same weaponry and equipment as the "main" ship, instead outfitted with Antiproton weapons. Further, the duplicates will "share" a portion of sustained hull damage with the main ship. This means that if the duplicates are targeted by enemies and suffer damage, the main ship will sustain similar damage even if it was never targeted or fired upon. Therefore the device is best used in the early or final stages of a fight, when the player is less worried about getting caught in the fray or simply needs the supplemental firepower provided by the clones to finish off the last few enemies.

The Mobius is a great escort for players that find that Jem'Hadar Attack ship out of reach. The Mobius lacks the sheer firepower and maneuverability as found in the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship but will still put up a decent fight for players that take the time to setup their ships properly.

[edit] Comparison with Wells Temporal Science Vessel and others Ships

Wells Class Mobius Class Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Elachi S'golth Escort
Weapons Arc fore icon.png3 , Arc aft icon.png3 Arc fore icon.png4 , Arc aft icon.png3 Arc fore icon.png4 , Arc aft icon.png3 Arc fore icon.png4 , Arc aft icon.png3
Cannons No Yes Yes Yes
Boff ens eng.png Boff cmdr sci.png Boff lt sci.png Boff ltcmdr univ.png Boff lt univ.png Boff cmdr tac.png Boff lt tac.png Boff ens eng.png Boff ltcmdr univ.png Boff lt univ.png Boff cmdr tac.png Boff ltcmdr tac.png Boff ens eng.png Boff lt univ.png Boff lt univ.png Boff cmdr tac.png Boff ens eng.png Boff ltcmdr sci.png Boff lt univ.png Boff lt univ.png
Consoles Console tac icon.png 3 Console eng icon.png 3 Console sci icon.png 4 Console tac icon.png 4 Console eng icon.png 2 Console sci icon.png 4 Console tac icon.png 5 Console eng icon.png 4 Console sci icon.png 1 Console tac icon.png 4 Console eng icon.png 2 Console sci icon.png 4
Hull Points 30,000 33,000 34,500 28,500
Shields 7,431 5,381 5,225 6,793
Shield Mod 1.45 1.05 1.00 1.30
Bonus Power +15 Auxiliary +10 Weapons
+5 Auxiliary
+15 Weapons +10 Weapons
+5 Engine
Special Console
with Ability
Yes Yes No Yes
Crew 250 250 50 200
Turn Rate 15 15 20 16
Device Slots 3 2 2 2

[edit] Standard Configuration

Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.


[edit] Abilities

[edit] Gallery

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