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The described tour guide - Click to maximize

A suggested route for Federation (allied) characters, which can be completed just under 15 minutes with the right equipment:

IMPORTANT: Take the mission only once you are at the starting point in the Teneebia Sector!

  1. Go to the upper edge of the Teneebia Sector, take the mission now, then go over to the Iota Pavonis Block
  2. Iota Pavonis Block: head to the center through Bolarus Sector, tight turn through Z-6 and Tarod, QSD down through Devron
  3. Sierra Sector: 45 deg down-right to dip into Vendor, immediately back to Sierra then down to Argelius
  4. Argelius -> Hyralan -> Azure -> Nimbus -> Onias -> Mylasa -> Narendra -> Mempa (Pi Canis Block)
  5. Pi Canis Block: QSD towards Xarantine / Archanis border
  6. Archanis -> Donatu -> Kassae
  7. Kassae Sector: head towards slightly right of the Dace system and steady as she goes to Celes
  8. Celes Sector: turn immediately towards the Sirius Sector Block border (you'll end up in the Vulcan Sector when crossing here)
  9. Vulcan Sector: turn towards Pico system and QSD across to the Orion Sector while keep turning towards the Beta Ursae border
  10. Orion -> Kalandra (Beta Ursae Block) -> Dorvan -> Almatha -> Bajor Sector
  11. Bajor Sector: reverse back into Almatha (don't waste time doing a 180 deg turn, it takes only a few seconds to hit the border in reverse)
  12. Almatha again: QSD to Zeta Andromeda Block through Algira Sector
  13. Zeta Andromeda Block: head slightly right of Orias System through Orias Sector to hit the center, tight turn through Vanden and Arawath, then straight through Kora to Cardassia Sector
  14. Cardassia Sector -> Deferi Sector
  15. Deferi Sector: turn a bit right from "up", QSD towards the right edge of Raveh to go over to Aldebaren
  16. Aldebaren -> Risa Sector -> Transwarp Conduit
  17. Gamma Orionis Block: use auto travel to set course for Sibiran System, once the course is stable slightly pitch up to break auto travel then hit QSD, once past Sibiran (hitting all sectors in one go) keep turning towards Pelia
  18. Pelia: report in


  • Since you can contact the mission giver remotely, it is recommended to get set on your preferred start line (at the first zone border) before taking the mission to further reduce the number of map changes and the associated load times.
  • To reduce travel time, use [Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines], [M.A.C.O. Impulse Engines] or certain fleet engines with the sector space speed bonus, plus any Warp Core with the [Coi] (sector speed bonus) and [SSR] (halved QSD cooldown) modifiers.

Alternative route (doesn't seem to be better than the old one):

Edit by BorgUnimatrix01----------------------

New walkthrough based on Season 7 Tau Dewa Sector Block

Should take around 25 minutes if equipped with good engines (M.A.C.O. or borg set) Quantum slipstream drive is recommended

To begin.

Get the mission from Jay Yim at Earth Space Dock in club 47 during the event.

Warp to sector space.

1.Head straight for and enter Alpha Centauri Sector Block

2.Enter the Iota Pavonis block.

3.Plot a course for the Fvillhaih System and from there plot a course to the Great Bloom system and then return to Alpha Centauri block (This will ensure you visit all the sectors of this block)

4.Go diagonally to the Psi Velorum Sector block .

5.Go to the Narendra sector of the Tau Dewa Sector block.

6.Go to the Xarrantine sector of the Pi Canis block

7.Plot a course to the Ceron system in the Pi Canis block and then go to the Eta Eridani block

8.Go to the Orellieus sector block and plot a course to the Zaria system and then go to the Beta Ursae block.

9.Go to the Zeta Andromadae block and plot a course to the Arawath system and from there plot a course to the Mec system and go to the Alpha Trianguli Sector Block.

10.Plot a course to the Obrom system and then enter the Beta Ursae block.

11.Go into the Bajor(middle) sector of the Beta Ursae block and head back to the Sirius Block.

12.Go straight to the Regulus block.

13.Plot a course to the Tostig system and then to the Briar Patch and then enter the Sirius Block.

14.Use the Gamma Orionis transwarp conduit.

15.Plot a course to the Sibiran system and fly around to visit all 4 sectors and then go to the Pelia sector.

16.Then transwarp to Earth Space Dock to complete mission.

End of edit------------------

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There is an Alternate route with less chance for mistakes, easier to run and faster - 15 minutes for a good run and max 20 if you do make a mistake. - Although as of recent update, the speed is irrelevant due to a 4 hour cool down timer on the mission. - With Multiple Characters though, This Alternate route allows easily 3-4 characters to complete "laps" for full benefits to each.

1. Head from ESD and set course for Beta Ursae. Aim to cross as soon as u hit the Orion Sector.

2. In Beta Ursae run full speed straight. Once you hit Bajor Sector - Throw a quick left turn crossing BACK into Kalandra BEFORE entering Alpha Trianguli. (This is possible mistake one of three. If you enter AT from Bajor you will have to turn left and do a Uturn.

3. Turn hard right and QSD right through all three sectors of Alpha Trianguli.

4. Enter Zeta Andromeda and either do a sweeping turn through or 4x Sector hit and hard U-turn for Beta Ursae.

5. Once in Beta Ursae, Hard left to Orellius. (Stage 1 Complete) - Est Time - 5mins.

6. Slight right turn and cross straight into both sectors in Orellius (aim for ETA ERIDANI Border just over the Sector line) - (Stage 2 Complete) - Est time - 1min.

7. In ETA ERIDANI QSD to K7 and begin hard turn left. with QSD active you should skim Donatu on your right for a perfect cross into Pi Canis. (Stage 3 Complete) - Est Time 1min.

8. POSSIBLE MISTAKE 2/3 - Do a HARD right turn 180o until you are facing Narenda Sector Crossing. Then full speed straight. (you will enter this sector facing the wrong way and need to turn BEFORE hitting engines.)

9. Cross Straight across Tau Dewa into Psi Velorum.

10. Left turn and direct angle cross to Alpha Centauri. (it is a gradual turn and can be done at full speed.)

11. Slight left turn across ALPHA CENTAURI crossing into IOTA PAVONIS at the edge of the Sierra Sector Border.

12. Run IOTA PAVONIS using either a sweeping turn, 4x sector cross and hard U-turn etc. Exit IOTA PAVONIS from Teneebia Sector.

13. POSSIBLE FINAL MISTAKE - You will be facing IOTA PAVONIS, do a hard 90o right BEFORE starting engines, then sweep down towards REGULUS. (Stage 4 Complete) est time - 5mins.

14. Enter REGULUS QSD straight through. Slightly angle to end for Sirius cross over just inside the Kassae Sector (once REGULUS is marked off).

15. Enter Sirius, and hard right to transwarp gate close by (bout 2.5ly). (Stage 5 Complete) - EST Time 1 Min.

16. Transward to GAMMA ORIONIS - 45o right turn and full speed. (as described use center system as reference for a 4x cross and then simple right turn to Pelia.

Tour Complete.

Time required = 15mins (on game clock starting at 12:02.. Ends at 12:15)

Specs for run... ANY ship with Assimilated Borg Engines + Driver Coil Skill @ MAX. (current is Recluse Carrier)

New Warp Cores can and do improve this further, as does ADV QSD Drive. (60sec bursts instead of 30Secs - 50% cooldown on QSD etc)

  • NOTE: Hard Turns are best done at ZERO engine power letting drift help the turn. Engines lead to mistakes. Try it. You will see the advantages to this route vs the previous one (which is also good).
  • NOTE: You can use QSD at any time. Through practice, THE locations listed work best (related to cool down etc). It is not necessarily the best option depending on your skill or setup, just what I find works best.
          • END OF ADDITION ******