Mission: Quarantine

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Faction Starfleet.png Quarantine
Given by:
Orlando Mai
260 Skill point icon.png
65 Expertise icon.png
Diplomatic XP:
100 Cxp diplomatic icon.png

Quarantine is a diplomacy mission available on Memory Alpha and mainly taking place on Deep Space K-7.


[edit] Mission Text

I need someone to hand deliver a shipment to Dr. Yoc'm on K-7.

The contents are dangerous, but we have taken extra precautions to make sure this shipment would be safe.

Deep Space K-7 is located in the Aldebaran Sector of the Eta Eridani Sector Block.

[edit] Goal

There is no in-game mission goal available for this mission.

[edit] Objectives

  • Find Dr. Yoc'm on K7
    • Go To Deep Space K-7
  • Deliver Supplies to Nurse Lepa on K7
  • Review Delivery Report
  • Confront Dr. Yoc'm
  • Research an Antigen
  • Apply the Correct Antigen
  • Report to Lt. Orlando Mei at Memory Alpha
Dr. Yoc'm

[edit] Walkthrough

After speaking to the Doctor, go to the Lab:

  • Use the first console to talk to Memory Alpha
  • Use the second console to analyze the report from Memory Alpha
  • In the corner of the lab, opposite the turbolift, an NPC is sick on the floor behind a shield, analyze him
  • Use the third console to test combinations of containers, blood, and compounds
  • Now go to the bay beside the nurse, in the back, there is a tower console, enter in your solution and synthesize
  • Beside the nurse is the replicator, pick it up
  • Take the antigen to the NPC in the corner, test it on him

If the following solution didn't work, please correct.

Dr. Yoc'm's lab on Deep Space K-7

[edit] Solution

  • Choose dilute sulfuric acid (diluted Sulfuric Acid)
  • Use equipment (Keep Environment)
  • Choose Platinum (Platinum) or Tungsten (Tungsten)
  • Use surface (Keep Surface)
  • Use human blood sample (Apply Human Blood Sample)
  • Adding mixture (add compound)
  • Use calcium EDTA (Calcium EDTA Apply)
  • Use additional mixture (Apply Additional Compound)
  • Use Unithol (Apply Unithol)
  • Done (Done)

[edit] Notes

  • The repeatability of this mission has been removed as of July 15th, 2011 until a bug that prevented most players from repeating daily diplomatic missions can be fixed.

[edit] External links

Quarantine Walkthrough Video on the Youtube channel.