Mission: Keep Your Enemies Closer

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Faction Klingon.png Keep Your Enemies Closer
Given by:
5565 Skill point icon (Klingon).png
3300 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:


[edit] Synopsis

[edit] Outline

You get to the system and fight past some Federation ship. Beam onto the station to get a Runabout. When you try and leave the room you beamed into, your whole squad is beamed away and into the security area/room They are quickly overpowered by the forces there, before you can get there. You then have to take on the forces yourself...

[edit] Mission Text

Valiant warriors are being held by the Federation. The Federation's idea of "mercy" is to allow our soldiers to rot in a cell instead of seeking an honorable death.

I spit upon their mercy. We are Klingon!

I will allow you to attempt to rescue your fellow warriors from their terrible fate. But you will need cunning to do so.

The Federation penal colony is highly guarded. Only Starfleet vessels can approach. But I know where you can acquire a Starfleet runabout ... if you are up to the challenge.

[edit] Goal

Warp to Starbase 157 and capture a Federation runabout to use in your assault on Federation Penal Colony 47.

[edit] Objectives

  • Down the ChuSwl' Hole
    • Punch a Hole through the Starbase's Defenses
    • Beam Aboard Starbase 157
  • Renting a Runabout
    • Disable Tractor Beam
    • Bypass Security Measures
    • Steal a Runabout
    • Disable Docking Locks
  • Cat on a Hotwired Roof
    • Disable Security Beacon 1
    • Defeat Alerted Ships at Beacon 1
    • Disable Security Beacon 2
    • Disable Security Beacon 3
    • Defeat Alerted Ships at Beacon 3
    • Disable Security Beacon 4
    • Disable Security Beacon 5
    • Defeat Alerted Ships at Beacon 5
  • Released Raiders
    • Disable Prison Shields
    • Gather Klingon Prisoners
    • Get to the Shuttlebay
    • Fly Runabouts out of Penal Colony 47
  • Fleeing the Scene
  • Speak with J'mpok

[edit] Allies

[edit] Space

  • Negh'var Battleship
  • Stolen Runabout

[edit] Ground

  • Warrior
  • Swordmaster

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Space

  • Type 9 Shuttlecraft
  • Danube Class Runabout
  • Peregrine Fighter
  • Centaur Class Frigate
  • Miranda Class Frigate
  • Shi'Kar Class Frigate

[edit] Ground

  • Ensign Security
  • Ensign Engineering
  • Medic
  • Engineer
  • Combat Medic
  • Lieutenant Engineering Officer
  • Lieutenant Tactical Officer
  • Commander Tactical Officer

[edit] Accolades

There are a number of accolades available from this mission;

Icon Name Description How to Get Points Unlocks
Jailbreak icon.png Jailbreak Rescue Klingon from Penal Facility 47 10
Raider icon.png Raider Attack the Federation 10 "Raider" title


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[edit] Notes

[edit] Mission Dialog

Upon entering system:

Science Officer:
If this rescue plan is going to have any chance of success we will need to secure a Federation runabout. Once we have that, we can use it to get to the penal facility in the Gamma Okana system. But first, we need to get past the Federation ships patrolling outside the station.
Punch a hole through the Starbase's defenses.

Upon reaching the starbase:

Science Officer:
Captain, there is a gap that will allow to beam aboard the starbase.

The away team is standing by, sir. We must hurry!

Beam aboard Starbase 157.

Upon entering Renting a Runabout:

Science Officer:
This Starbase has a full complement of runabouts.

If we can get to a shuttlebay, we should be able to take a runabout off the station in the confusion being caused by our ships in orbit.

We'll need to disable the tractor beam and security measures in place at the shuttlebay before we can steal the runabout.

Disable the tractor beam.

Upon completing the objective Disable Tractor Beam:

Science Officer:

Starfleet has locked down their computer system, and we need control of their tractor beam to ensure that we can escape with the runabout. We need to find a central command console to bypass their security measures.

Engineering is located nearby. We should be able to find a suitable console there.

Go to Main Engineering and bypass security measures.

Upon completing the objective Bypass Security Measures:

Science Officer:
I've bypassed the security lockout and scrambled the tractor beam controls. It's useless.

Now we need to get to the shuttlebay.

Steal a runabout from the Shuttlebay.

Upon completing the objective Steal a Runabout:

Science Officer:
We need to disable the docking locks before we can depart.

The controls should be in the shuttlebay control room.

Disable docking locks.

Upon completing the goal Disable Docking Locks:

Science Officer:
Docking clamps have released. We're ready to leave, Captain.
Steal a runabout from the Shuttlebay.

Upon reaching the runabout:

Science Officer:
We can depart on your orders, sir.
Leave Starbase 157.

Upon entering Cat on a Hotwired Roof:

Tactical Officer:
The Federation ships in orbit around the penal facility aren't reacting to us as hostile, sir, but I wouldn't put too much stock in that. As soon as we do something unexpected they'll coming running to investigate.

We need to act quickly to disable the security measures around the station so we can beam aboard and rescue our warriors.

Disable security satellites and beam aboard Penal Facility 47.

Upon completing the objectives Disable Security Beacon 1, 3, and 5:

Federation Frigate:
Unidentified runabout, you are not cleared for access to the security beacons.

Please come to a complete stop and prepare to be boarded.

Tactical Officer:
The ship must have seen us disabling the security beacon, sir. We need to destroy them before they can alert the rest of the ships in the area to our presence!
Defeat alerted ships.

Upon completing the objectives Disable Security Beacon 2 and 4:

Tactical Officer:
We have successfully disabled the security beacon, Captain!

Upon completing Cat on a Hotwired Roof:

Tactical Officer:
We've cleared a small sensor hole in the station's defenses, Captain.

If we act quickly, we can transport to a storage room on the same level as the detention cells. With luck, we'll be on our way back before the Federation discovers what we've done.

Beam down to Penal Facility 47.

Upon approaching Penal Facility 47:

Tactical Officer:
We're ready to beam aboard, Captain.

Upon entering Released Raiders:

Tactical Officer:
We need to move quickly, before Starfleet can act to stop us. Our warriors are being held in cells nearby.
Disable force fields and release Klingon prisoners.

Upon completing the objective Disable Prison Shields:

Tactical Officer:
The prison's shields are down, Captain. It is time to free our fellow warriors!
Gather Klingon prisoners.
Klingon Prisoner:
We'll show these honorless dogs how real warriors fight!
Klingon Prisoner:
I demand revenge!
Klingon Prisoner:
The blood of the Federation will wash away the stain on my honor!

Upon completing the objective Disable Forcefields around Shuttlebay:

Tactical Officer:
The way is clear to the shuttlebay, Captain.
Get to the Shuttlebay.

Upon completing the objective Fly Runabouts out of Penal Facility 47:

Science Officer:
The warriors can take these runabouts while we beam back to the one we left in orbit.

Getting out of orbit will be a challenge. If we survive, it will be a story for the ages!

Beam back to the runabout.

Upon talking to the Klingon Battleship:

Captain K'Menn:
We have the warriors onboard, and we will return them to the homeworld.

It was an honor to have fought along side you.


Upon completing the objective Dock with the Klingon Battleship:

Tactical Officer:
Course laid in for the homeworld, Captain.

We can leave on your order.

Warp to Qo'noS.

Upon turning in the completed mission:

Chancellor J'mpok:
You have made a name for yourself in the Klingon Empire, and I am sure that I will hear more songs sung about your glorious victories. Those warriors owe you their lives and their honor, and your Empire owes you a debt of gratitude.
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