Mission: Blood of the Empire

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In Blood of the Empire the player is dispatched to investigate a bold attack deep within Klingon space.


[edit] Synopsys

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[edit] Outline

[edit] Mission Text

There is a report of a battle in the Norgh system.

If there is an enemy bold enough to attack that close to the Empire, it must be dealt with... harshly.

I'm calling all available ships to the Norgh system to assist. Fight with honor.

[edit] Goal

Investigate reports of battle in the Norgh system.

[edit] Objectives

  • Closed Doors, Open Window
    • Investigate Klingon Battle Group
      • Examine debris of Klingon Battle Group
    • Investigate Portals
      • Close Portals
        • Close Portal 1
        • Close Portal 2
        • Close Portal 3
    • Warp to Qo'noS/Praxis Belt
  • Home Field Advantage
    • Close Portals
      • Close Portal 1
      • Close Portal 2
    • Protect Klingon Station
    • Beam down to Qo'NoS
  • Courtside Seats
    • Deal with the Fek'Ihri Invasion Force
    • Defeat Fek'Ihri Reinforcements
    • Enter Great Hall
  • Supplies Attack
    • Save Trapped Shopkeepers
    • Save Trapped Bar Patrons
    • Defend the Qo'noS Shipyard
  • Leading the Way
    • Protect the High Council
    • Defend the High Council
  • Speak with J'mpok

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Fek'Ihri

[edit] Object

  • Weapons Cache

[edit] NPC starships

[edit] Accolades

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Home Front icon.png Home Front Defend Qo'noS from the Fek'Ihri invasion 10


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[edit] Notes

  • When you destroy the Portal after eliminating the three defending Frigates, three more Frigates will appear.
  • You're awarded the Accolade "Home Front" when completing the mission.
  • When you destroy 20 Fek'Ihri ships, you'll be awarded with the "Devilish"-Accolade.
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