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Deep Space 9
Birth year:
24th century
Voiced by:

Loriss is a female Vorta and a commanding officer in the Jem'Hadar fleet. She was cloned in the Gamma Quadrant in the 24th century and was temporally displaced from 2374 to 2409 by the Prophets.

Missions involved[edit]

  • “Second Wave”: The Borg conference at Deep Space 9 is interrupted by the Dominion fleet whisked away by the Prophets decades ago. DS9 is taken by the enemy forces and Loriss transports to the Ops, introducing herself as the new station commander while nonchalantly walking into Captain Kurland's office.
  • “Of Bajor”: Captain Kurland and the player succeed in contacting occupied DS9. They try to prove that Loriss' fleet has been moved through time but the temporary governor of the station is not convinced.
  • “Boldly They Rode”: The female Changeling orders Loriss to stand down and return to the Gamma Quadrant. She obliges, but Kar'ukan refuses to listen to either of them. She later thanks the player.


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