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Faction Cross-Faction.png Lohlunat Festival

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Risa System
Risa Sector
Facilities Available
Map of Lohlunat Festival

During the special Lohlunat Festival event, captains of all kinds can visit Risa – to celebrate their culture’s welcoming diversity, the Risians have even grant special access to members and allies of the Klingon Defense Force.

Although most activities here are only available during the summer event, the Lohlunat Festival island can be visited all year round. While the summer event is active, however, holiday travelers can purchase floaters – grav-generating glider packs – to explore the island, and also to participate in a series of flying courses. Furthermore, [Lohlunat Favor]s can be earned, which can be traded for various accessories and costumes. Also, [Risian Lohlunat Pearls] can be earned and put into a project of the Event faction of the Reputation System to gain a Risian corvette and Risian Luxury Cruiser.


This event was first active from June 27th to August 19th, 2013, as an annual summer event. The second summer event ran from June 5th until July 17th 2014. Players can transport directly to the Risa System via the Mission Journal and beam down to the special event. Alternatively, Starfleet players can choose to go to Risa in Sirius Sector Block, whereas KDF players will be given special permission to warp to Risa from any adjoining sector.




  • On the beach front - Map 'g'
    • Pavyl - Gives you clues to play Hide and Seek during the day, hides at nightfall
  • At the eastern most land arc during the day - Map 'H'

Random NPCs[edit]


A preliminary list of what is needed to achieve the Accolades for the Festival are as follows (may not contain all available Accolades):

  • Discover Hidden Accolades
    • Walked The Boardwalk - From the transporter pad, walk toward the vendors hut on the right - See Map 'A'.
    • Fireworks Observer - Watch the fireworks display at Nightfall during the Lohlunat Festival. - See Map 'A'
    • Onlooker - Wait at the vendors hut on the boardwalk until Nightfall and overhear a Klingon and Trill arguing. - See Map 'A'
    • Arc Flight Mastery - Fly under one of the land arcs to the north - See Map 'B'
    • Lightly Landed On A Lighthouse - Land on top of two lighthouses (One to the north and one to the east of the hotel) - See Map 'C'
    • Why Are You Flying Over A Volcano? - Fly over the volcano tip - See Map 'D'
    • Won't Look Down - Fly over the swaying bridge and land in the middle section with the hut. - See Map 'E'
    • Risa Roofer - Land on the roof of the hotel - See Map 'F'
    • The Big Year - Locate all of the Vista Birds
      • The Arches
      • The Back Beach
      • Tower Bay
      • The Resort
      • The Grotto
      • The Long Strand
      • The Tidal Pool
      • A Well Traveled Path
      • The Heart of the Mountain
      • A Lonely Rock
    • Unauthorized Beach Party - Locate the camp fire on the beach North East from hotel and join the 'Party!' during Nightfall. - See Map 'G'
  • Completion Accolade
    • Master Relaxer - Earn all the accolades on during the Lohlunat Festival.
      • Try to practice Mok'Bara with a Klingon during the day.
      • Take a walk on Risa's boardwalk
      • Balance yourself on the swinging bridge.
      • Fly to the tip of the inactive volcano.
      • Walk on the roof of Risa's hotel.
      • Fly beneath one of RIsa's archways.
      • Observe an argument between a Klingon and a Trill at night.
      • Enjoy the night fireworks show.
      • Land on both of Risa's lighthouses.
      • Become a Seeker Commander by participating in Pavyl's game.
  • Race Accolades - from Making Waves
    • Ripper - finish 20 races in Risa's competitive powerboard race, or take 1st place in the race.



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