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Lock box could mean one of a number of different items ingame:

The currently available Lock Box is also referred to as [Current Lock Box].

Every Lock Box listed below the Infinity Box was consolidated into it or included in a re-run event. Boxes listed above are not yet in the Infinity Box and are either current or have not been re-released before.

You can obtain lock boxes in game as regular loot drops, as well as mission rewards or by purchasing them in the Dilithium Store. Opening a lock box requires the use of a Master Key.

During special promotional events, usually just a few weeks before a new lock box gets introduced, all previous lock boxes become available again for a short time.

A tutorial mission called “Unlocking the Box” was introduced with the Ferengi Lock Box which rewards 2x [Hacked Ferengi Lock Box] and 2x [Hacked Master Key]. This mission is only completeable once per account.

Legacy Lock Boxes[edit | edit source]

Rarer versions, known as Gold boxes, also existed:

Opening mystery packages will grant you either a Cardassian or Ferengi Lock Box.

A few Uncommon lock boxes are still available ingame. These will handle exactly the same as their Common counterparts, and most of the time will change their display from Uncommon to Common with such a simple thing as moving them in your inventory.

Lock Boxes
Generic Lock Box icon.png
Current PrivateerUndiscovered
Infinity Lock Box Sphere BuilderKelvinNa'kuhlMirrorHerald
Year of HellXindi-TVaadwaurDeltaXindi-A
UndineHirogenVothElachiTal Shiar

Console Lock Boxes
Generic Lock Box icon.png
Lock Box Tal ShiarElachiUndiscovered