Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol

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Ground Weapon Polaron Jemhadar Pistol R0.png
Rare icon.png
Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol
Rare Ground Weapon
Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Beam Setting

Polaron Damage

__ Polaron Damage x2 (__ DPS)
2.5% Chance: Weapons Malfunction for 5 sec
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
High Density Beam
Exploit Attack

Cone AoE Polaron Damage

__ Polaron Damage (__ DPS)
+25 Repel
2.5% Chance: Weapons Malfunction for 5 sec
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
Value: Energy credit icon.png

Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistols have a secondary fire mode that projects a field of energy that damages several targets in front of you.

Polaron ground weapons have a chance to cause the target's weapons to malfunction for a brief time.

Jem'Hadar incorporate nanostreams in their weaponry to allow them to add additional effects to their ranged attacks based on the nanocell that is currently active.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol is a scaling mission reward from the Cardassian Front mission “Second Wave”. This is the first mission in the featured series The 2800.

Since this item is not unique, players can obtain it more than once via episode replay. Replaying this mission at higher levels will grant a level-appropriate Mark version of this weapon, up to and including Mk XI.

Primary Attack[edit | edit source]

Beam Setting

Pistol Beam is a standard attack that inflicts energy damage. Fires a steady beam at a single target.

Maintain (0.38 max)
Targets Foe; Affects Foe
25 meter Range
0.25 sec activate
__ Polaron Damage x3 (__ DPS)
5% Chance: Weapons Malfunction (half duration vs player)
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
Skills that affect this ability:
Weapon Proficiency
Combat Specialist

Secondary Attack[edit | edit source]

High Density Beam (Exploit)

High Density Beam fires a narrow cylindrical beam that damages and repels targets in its path.

Targets Foe; Affects Foe (5 max)
25 meter Range; 0.3 meter Cylinder
0.5 sec charge
0.25 sec activate
4 sec recharge
__ Polaron Damage (__ DPS) +25 Repel
5% Chance: Weapons Malfunction for 10 sec (half duration vs player)
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity

Melee Attack[edit | edit source]

Jab (Expose)

Various martial arts attacks that deliver damage and have a chance of knockdown.

Affects Foe (1 max)
25 meter Range; 0.3 meter Cylinder
2.4 meter Range; 90 degree Cone
0.34 sec activate
4 sec recharge
__ Physical Damage (__ DPS) (50% Shield Penetration)
+2% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity

Damage[edit source]

Beam Setting
(25 m)
High Density Beam
(25 m)
(2.44 m)[1]
I -- -- -- -- -- --
II -- -- -- -- -- --
III -- -- -- -- -- --
IV 23 62 64 14 14 41
V -- -- -- -- -- --
VI -- -- -- -- -- --
VII -- -- -- -- -- --
VIII -- -- -- -- -- --
IX -- -- -- -- -- --
X -- -- -- -- -- --
XI 34.2 94.4 96.9 20.4 31 91.1
XII 40.9 112.8 115.9 24.4 33.5 98.6
  1. Jab damage values are the same for all pistol weapons.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

There are seven factors that can affect personal weapons. These are Modifier suffixes, spent Player Skill Points, Personal Equipment, and Equipment Sets.

Modifier Suffix[edit | edit source]

Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistols do not come with modifiers suffixes, as other weapons normally do, as they are already an Rare item. Likewise Mk XII Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistols do not come with modifiers suffixes, as other weapons normally do, as they are already an Very Rare item.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Player Skills
Skill Rank Effects Melee/Ranged
Weapon Proficiency
Rank Starfleet Lt.png Rank Klingon Lt.png
Improves ranged ground weapon damage.
Does not improve secondary effects.
Does not improve melee ground weapons or unarmed combat.
Combat Specialist
Rank Starfleet LtCom.png Rank Klingon LtCom.png
Lieutenant Commander
Tactical Officers Only
Improves ground weapons, melee damage and criticals. Both

Personal Equipment[edit | edit source]

Personal Equipment
Icon Equipment Effects Melee/Ranged
Energy Harness Armor icon.png
Common icon.png
Energy Harness Armor +5% All Energy Damage Ranged
Recoil Compensating Armor icon.png
Common icon.png
Recoil Compensating Armor +40% Critical Severity Both
Integrated Targeting Armor icon.png
Common icon.png
Integrated Targeting Armor +5% Critical Chance Both
Physical Augmentation Armor icon.png
Common icon.png
Physical Augmentation Armor +10% Physical Damage strength Melee
Personal Shield icon.png
Common icon.png
Personal Shield + [Ene] Suffix Chance to provide a 10% Energy Damage Buff for 4 sec when you take damage. Ranged
Small Power Cell icon.png Power Cell
Small - Medium - Large
Small - +15 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Medium - +20 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Large - +25 All Energy Damage for 15 secs
Consumed on use.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • There is also a Standard Issue variant of this weapon that is found on the Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer Candidate when he is first commissioned. The main difference is that this weapon does not have any Critical Chance or Critical Severity bonuses, and does not scale with the player.
  • Even though there is no indication, the Standard Issue Pistol can also be enhanced using the Nanoenergy Cells.
  • Even though the description is Normalized, the damage values are different depending on whether in a space or ground map. The damage values listed are for ground.
  • Before the addition of Gear Upgrades, a Mk XII Very Rare version could be bought from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png. Players required a Mk XI Rare Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol in their inventory in order to purchase. With the addition of Gear Upgrades, however, the Mk XI Rare rewarded from “Second Wave” can be upgraded and the Lobi version has been removed.

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