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StarfleetJames Kurland
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Military Rank:
Mission giver
Voiced by:
Jeremy Randall

James Kurland is the commander of Deep Space 9 as well as the captain of the USS Defiant. He coordinates Starfleet's operations within Cardassian territory.

Missions involved[edit]

  • “Second Wave”: Captain Kurland is one of the delegates of the Borg conference at Deep Space 9. The delegates are successfully evacuated when the station is captured by Dominion forces in 2409. During the invasion, Kurland loses his first officer, Commander Karen Andrews.
  • “Of Bajor”: Captain Kurland facilitates the talks between the character and Loriss.
  • “Boldly They Rode”: Captain Kurland guides the player as they infiltrate DS9 via spacewalking on the outside of the station. He later commands the Defiant in the battle to retake the station from Kar'ukan's forces.

Missions given[edit]


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