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"They whisper in the night for chaos and despair, and Hakeev gives them blood as tribute. Our blood."
-- Obisek (“Frozen”)
Faction Iconian.png
M'Tara, an Iconian.
An Iconian gateway.

The Iconians (Borg designation: Species 47) were a galactic super-power 200,000 years ago. Their homeworld, Iconia, is located in the Iconia Sector of the Beta Quadrant. They were thought to be extinct by orbital bombardment and driven out of the galaxy by other races.

History[edit | edit source]

Other than the destruction of their homeworld by planetary bombardment some 200,000 years ago, little is known about the ancient Iconians. In 2409, the Guardian of Forever would describe them as "the first of the Children," and goes on to state they are powerful, terrible, wise, selfish, wrathful, and proud. It was passed down by the races that destroyed them that the Iconians had been "demons of air and darkness", traveling via Iconian gateways and ruling oppressively over their large empire. Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D once speculated that this might be historical revisionism by the victorious powers.

Among the Iconian subject races were the Dewans, on whose homeworld they also constructed a gateway. Another servitor species were the Solanae who built a massive Dyson Sphere as a staging base for the Iconians that was capable of traveling across vast distances through subspace. When the Solanae activated the Sphere, a large scale industrial accident occurred. The surviving Solanae were forced to migrate to subspace when their molecular structure was changed due to exposure to large amounts of tetryonic energy and the Iconians abandoned the Sphere due to its flaws.

In 2365, the U.S.S. Yamato found Iconia in the Romulan Neutral Zone, but shortly fell victim to an unmanned Iconian Probe that transmitted a piece of Iconian software to rewrite the ship's computer systems and ultimately causing a warp core breach. To prevent the Iconian technology from falling into the hands of then-Commander Taris of the Romulan Star Empire, Captain Picard destroyed what was believed to be the only remaining outpost on the planet's surface.

A second Iconian base was found in the Gamma Quadrant by the Dominion in 2372. There, a group of renegade Jem'Hadar took over the facility and attempted to use its Gateway to stage a rebellion against the Dominion. A Starfleet/Dominion joint operation commanded by Cpt. Benjamin Sisko and Lt. Cmdr. Worf destroyed the base.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

An ancient recording on New Romulus, depicting an Iconian and two Dewans in front of an Iconian gateway.
  • “Secrets of the Ancients”: Players discover an Iconian gateway and observe what is believed to be an Iconian passing through it when watching an ancient video recording on New Romulus.
  • “Sphere of Influence”: Iconian database entries reveal that the Iconians have been monitoring various powers in all four Quadrants of the galaxy and reveal that there are 7,255 gateways of which 5,967 are inactive and 880 damaged or inoperative. The player also learns that there are Gateways active in Andromeda and that the Elachi and Solanae are servitor races of the Iconians. The Gateway network is reset and a ship-sized Iconian Gateway hidden in subspace appears in the Jouret System.
  • “Surface Tension”: In 2410, an Iconian appears in the Great Hall on Qo'noS and warns the players' factions against "attracting their attention", killing members of the High Council when they voice defiance.
  • “What's Left Behind”: Analyzing a strange device found on Vaadwaur Prime after the defeat of Gaul, the player discovers that the Vaadwaur communicated with the Iconians via an Elachi station in subspace accessed from the Nal Shadaan System in the Delta Quadrant. On the station, the player and The Doctor discover Sela, who had been imprisoned by the Iconians for the past months. She refers to the Solanae and the Elachi as the Iconian's scientists and warriors, respectively. She also points out that any point in the galaxy, and maybe the entire universe, is but a single step away for the Iconians, but also that their hubris is their biggest weakness. It is also revealed that Iconians directed the Solanae to bio-engineer neural parasites in order to control the Vaadwaur who they also outfitted with superior technology.
  • “Uneasy Allies”: Sela and the player board the Andromeda Dyson Sphere and observe millions of Iconian and servitor warships massing around the sun before escaping. The sphere jumps to the Iconia System, marking the beginning of the Iconians' invasion of the Milky Way.
T'Ket on New Romulus.
  • “Blood of Ancients”: The Iconians launch the first strike of their war against the Milky Way, sending the Heralds to attack Starbase 234 and New Romulus. An Iconian appears on New Romulus and obliterates a group of Romulan Republic forces attempting to repel the Heralds on the surface, and M'Tara, the same Iconian who visited Qo'nos, appears on Lae'nas III and kills a Preserver, claiming that it is the Iconians' right and duty to rule the galaxy.
  • “House Pegh”: The player joins a covert operation by the Klingon Empire to infiltrate an Omega molecule production facility in the Dinasia System. While there, Emperor Kahless engages T'Ket in combat and manages to bring the Iconian to her knees with the player's assistance. He removes T'Ket's arm with the Sword of Kahless, but is slain before he can land the final blow.
  • “Time in a Bottle”: M'Tara, T'Ket, L'Miren and 9 other Iconians appear after the player and Nog are removed from the timeline. M'Tara mentions how the bombardment of Iconia broke the Iconians unity, which made them weaker.
  • “Broken Circle”: After crippling and boarding the Iconians' flagship, the player faces off against M'Tara, eventually killing her after draining her energy to the point she can no longer sustain herself. With the last of her strength, she summons T'Ket and L'Miren and beseeches them to avenge her. They both vow to do so as the player escapes.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

A group of Iconians on the surface of the Kyana moon.
See List of Iconian NPCs

Servitor races[edit | edit source]

  • The Iconians use a number of races, referred to as servitor races, who openly serve, and in some cases worship, the Iconians.
  • Additionally, the Iconians have manipulated the Undine to attack the Alpha Quadrant powers by attacking Fluidic space with replica Alpha Quadrant ships.

Military[edit | edit source]

The Iconians' military force is made up of Herald servants who operate their advanced starships and fight their enemies on the ground.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In Star Trek Online the Iconians were envisioned as the ultimate villains, tricking various powers into destabilizing the entire galaxy for the Iconians to reconquer, since the launch of the game. They were originally planned to replace the Borg Collective as the major enemy faction over the course of future seasons (including STFs against the Iconians). [1]
Original concept
(Star Trek Mag. #27)
  • First concept drawings were shown in the "Star Trek Magazine." Daniel Stahl said in a July 2010 podcast interview these pictures did not reflect the actual look of the Iconians, as they had been developed further.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Priority One Episode 66 - Interview with Al Rivera, Part I (3 February 2012)

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