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These are the uniforms that have appeared in the Star Trek series and films.

The Original Series (TOS)[edit]

Early TOS - "The Cage" Uniforms[edit]

Early TOS - "The Cage" Technician Coveralls[edit]

TOS Uniforms[edit]

To replicate the unisex uniforms seen in the 2009 movie, use the 25th century badges in silver, rank in silver, darken the divisional colors by two-three, and use the Wrath of Khan pants. It's not perfect, but it's close. For female-specific uniforms, use the TOS Medical shirt for short sleeve and the normal TOS shirt for long sleeve, with short tight or angled skirt and TOS high boots.

TOS Technician Coveralls[edit]

TMP (The Motion Picture) Uniforms[edit]

TOS films or WoK (Wrath of Khan) Uniforms[edit]

The Next Generation (TNG)[edit]

TNG Uniforms - Season 1+2[edit]

TNG Uniforms - Seasons 3-7[edit]

The Yesterday's Enterprise uniforms are not available in exact, but the TNG series uniforms are closest and provide good replication. To replicate the YE uniforms, use these as a base, and add the YE belt, chest for enlisted. The belt cannot be colored, so set the color to H11 with another belt first. For the chest gear, set the color to P12 before selecting the YE chest gear.

TNG Technician Coveralls[edit]

Deep Space Nine (DS9)[edit]

TNG Films / DS9 later seasons Uniforms - Seasons 5-7[edit]

TNG Films / DS9 later seasons Dress Uniforms[edit]

DS9 early seasons Uniforms - Seasons 1-4[edit]

DS9 Cadet Uniforms[edit]

Bajoran Militia Uniforms[edit]

Voyager (VOY)[edit]

VOY Uniforms[edit]

VOY Special Uniforms[edit]

Voyager Endgame/TNG All Good Things Uniforms[edit]

Voyager Endgame Cadet Uniforms[edit]

Enterprise (ENT)[edit]

ENT Uniforms[edit]


29th Century (Wells)[edit]

Destiny Uniforms[edit]

Vulcan Uniform Mock-ups[edit]