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These are the new uniforms introduced by the game itself. As such the majority of them are colored as they are worn by NPCs in the game. Those that are not worn by or those that have many variations worn by NPCs have been colored so that they appear as something that might have been used in any of the various series. The designations used are based on the canon designations of the series, not by the Career choices in the game.

Antares 1 Uniforms[edit]

Antares 2 Uniforms[edit]

Antares 3 Uniforms[edit]

Antares 4 Uniforms[edit]

Antares 5 Uniforms[edit]

Sierra 1 Uniforms[edit]

Sierra 2 Uniforms[edit]

Sierra 3 Uniforms[edit]

Sierra 4 Uniforms[edit]

Sierra 5 Uniforms[edit]

Jupiter 1 Uniforms[edit]

Jupiter 2 Uniforms[edit]

Jupiter 3 Uniforms[edit]

Jupiter 4 Uniforms[edit]

Jupiter 5 Uniforms[edit]

Veteran Uniforms[edit]

Jupiter Veteran Uniforms[edit]

Vice Admiral Uniforms[edit]

25th Century Bajoran Uniforms[edit]