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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Star Trek Online has a pretty robust Global Channel System. Anyone can create a new global channel at any time, and for any purpose. A few of these channels have grown in size and popularity to be the best channels in the game, or at the very least, the most populated. This page will keep a list of public and popular channels, help and advice channels, etc. Please do not add Fleet or Alliance channels. Channels used as personal playgrounds or personality cults are prohibited as well. Channels with abusive moderation will be removed as well.

Joining a Global Channel[edit | edit source]

Right click on any Chat Tab in the chat window to bring up the Chat Configuration Window. Click on the Channels Tab and enter the name of the channel you wish to join (or create) in the Join/Create window. Then click Join. Alternatively, you can type "/channel_join ChannelName" where ChannelName is the channel.

The maximum number of channels you may be subscribed to is twenty.

Official Channel[edit | edit source]

STOWiki has an official Global Chat Channel. You may use it to discuss articles, ask guideline questions or simply hang out with your fellow co-authors while playing the game. Simply follow the instructions above and join STOWiki.

Global Channels[edit | edit source]

The following is a selection of global chat channels that are both open to the public and have at least 100 subscribers:

Channel Description Members [1] Type
20player A channel created in late August 2015, by a group of fleets and those brave enough in zone chat to give it a chance. 20player is in search of ways to bring life to old queues. We've popped more Starbase Fleet Defenses in the last month than most members have played in a whole year. Members have a non-elitest mentality, specializing in (but not limited to) 20player queues. Is more active on weekends, but don't count them out during the week either:), with members from many different time zones. A place to come together and pop those old queues, and have fun doing it. Lurkers are welcome:) 402 Community PvE/STF
Accolades The Accolades Channel exists to bring together those players who enjoy collecting every accolade in the game. A secondary mission of the channel is to help put together experienced players for Fleet Action's, STF's, Red Alerts, Re-Mastered Mission runs and more. 1990 Accolades
Club Noob A Trading channel with a little more to it. Buy, sell, trade, community chat, loan, advice, ship builds, pvp chat, pawns. 1058 Community
DOFFJobs The DOFFJOBS Channel was developed to help captains with the Duty Officer content. The primary function of the channel was to coordinate efforts in finding DOff Missions, but due to its unmoderated[2] nature it is now a place for DOffing advice and chatter. 8370 Community
DPS-Public A channel for those who want to increase their DPS and join the 10k, 30k, 50k, and 75k channels. Build help and questions welcome. 519 PVE/STF
GER STO Unofficial STO global chat channel for German speaking people. 146 Foreign Chat
Global Global chat channel 3228 Chat
KDFassistance The KDF Assistance channel helps out Klingon players who may have a more difficult time getting the people needed to run missions like Special Task Forces. 493 Klingon
MotzChannel Unofficial STO global chat channel for German speaking people. For PVE/STF/PVP and any help you need in STO. 706 Foreign Community
STO-RU Unofficial STO global chat channel for all Russian speaking people. Ask PVE,STF,PVP and any other help oe advice you may need in STO. 685 Foreign Community
NoP Public Service The NoP Public Service Channel is a hub for free high tier Fleet Holding invites - trying to sell access is a bannable offense. 12632 Community
OrganizedPvP Organize matches and discuss PvP strategy. 629 PvP
PartyTime The PartyTime channel is specifically for social gatherings and trivia events on any shard where Captains are not participating in missions. 636 Community
PriorityOne The PriorityOne channel is the in game communication channel for the Priority One STO Podcast team, listeners and hosts. Meet people, share ideas, discuss the show and have fun! 819 Fan
REDALERT The REDALERT channel is specifically for discussion on all Event content on the Live Server (Holodeck). Players can alert others to event times in this channel, provide and/or receive mission info, find a team or just chat in general about events. 9696 Event
RedditChat If you're a redditor and an STO player, this is home. Offers build advice, friendly chat, LFG, friends, fleets, and about anything you could want. 8885 Community
SSR This is the official global channel for Subspace Radio, an internet radio station which broadcasts to the Star Trek Online community. 2011 Fan
STOFR Unofficial French community channel. 4974 Foreign Chat
STOGerman Unofficial German community channel. 16174 Foreign Chat
STORP.ORG STORP.ORG's Global Channel. Chat and collaborate with other roleplayers, or ask for advice and tips on any aspect. 1222 Roleplay
STOWiki STOWiki's very own official Global Channel. Chat and collaborate with other authors, or ask for advice and tips on editing. 238 Fan
The Science Channel Channel for players who like flying science vessels or otherwise utilizing builds leaning heavily towards science. 242 Community PVE/STF This is the official global channel for Trek, an internet radio station which broadcasts to the Star Trek and Star Trek Online communities. 924 Fan
TTS The Tribble Test Server Channel. This unmoderated[2] channel is one of the first global channels ever made, it's primary purpose is to discuss the latest Tribble build and bugs. Game developers are occasional visitors and this is a great place to find them and ask them questions directly. If you need advice on how to play the game, you'll find all kinds here. 3209 Testing
Zens Trading Den A trading channel created for those who like to trade big and small, also is leniant towards chatting within the channel in fact its encouraged,also they like to talk about various ship builds and offer any help or ideas they can.And soon will be the "go to place" for all trading needs. 183 Trading

Accessing Global Channels Outside of Game[edit | edit source]

  • Note that now Perfect World accounts will be mandatory, players report that merging accounts has no impact on their XMPP access. Past issues seem to be resolved, however it should be noted that Silver Accounts do not have access to this service and will receive an error when trying to connect from outside the game.

Setup[edit | edit source]

  • Note that Pidgin only works for for gold members.

Since May 2010,[3] the use of XMPP chat made it possible to chat to users in global channels (but not local or zone) or to send private messages to users on your friends list. This can be set up on a chat client program, such as Pidgin with the following directions taken:

  • Start the Pidgin client
  • Click on Accounts > Manage Accounts
  • Click the Add... button
  • On the Add Account dialog fill out the following:
    • Protocol: XMPP
    • Username: <Account Name> (the login name used for Holodeck/Live server)
    • if your Account Name is an email address, substitute the '@' for a '\40' (e.g. name\
    • Domain:
    • Resource: <Anything> Name appearing in front of @handle, when chatting from Pidgin
    • Password: <Your Account Password>
    • Remember Password: <Check mark> (if desired)
    • Click Add

NOTE: For those who joined the game after the Cryptic/Perfect World account name merge, your PWE account name (your email address) will not work in XMPP. You will need your Cryptic user id, which can be found by logging into the game, then selecting Logout from the menu. The string of numbers and pound signs that the client fills in for your username on the following login screen will work in XMPP.

Global Channels[edit | edit source]

Once the client is set up, a Buddy List can be accessed. To add global channels to it, do the following:

  • Click on Buddies, Join a Chat...
  • On the Join a Chat dialog add the following:
    • Account: <Your XMPP account>
    • Room: <Name of room to join/create> (Replace any spaces with the \20 - IE: "My Room" becomes "My\20Room")
    • Server:
    • Handle: <for private rooms>
    • Password: <for private rooms>
  • Click Join!

Fleet Chat[edit | edit source]

Now your in-game fleet channels can be added in the following way:

  • Click on Buddies, Join a Chat...
    • Server:
  • Click "Room List" button
    • On "Enter a Conference Server" list:, then press "Find Rooms"
  • In Room List window, click your fleet (format is holodeck!Fleet\20Name\20Here), and "Add Chat" (The \20 represents a space)
    • The Alias is how it will appear in your buddy list and Group will be which category its in

References[edit | edit source]

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