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The Game Menu in Star Trek Online can be accessed by clicking the icon that resembles a computer, next to the mini-map at the top-right corner of the screen.

From here you can access several in-game options.

Rearrange HUD[edit]

This option allows you to rearrange various parts of the Heads-Up Display (HUD), such as the Inventory window, Chat window, XP bar, mini-map, and missions list.


This gives you the ability to change in-game settings and options.


This tab shows options to change various basic settings, such as camera X/Y inversion, non-instant tooltip delay, and interface scaling.


This tab shows options to change various audio settings, such as volume, output device, and media player.


This tab shows options to change various video settings, such as display mode, antialiasing, lighting quality, refresh rate, and texture quality.


This tab shows options to change various control settings, such as camera follow type, maximum targeting distance, and auto attack settings.

Key Binds[edit]

This tab shows the default game key bindings and allows you to change them and add your own.


This tab shows various HUD options, such as reticle appearance, how names are shown for players and NPCs, and damage floater settings.

Chat Settings[edit]

This shows various settings for the in-game chat. You can also access this by right-clicking the empty space beside a Chat window tab.


Here you can change settings for the various tabs used in the Chat window, as well as create custom tabs for separating chat content into groups.


This allows you to join or create custom channels for chat.


This shows various settings for chat such as font size, opacity, fade-out delay, and profanity filtering.

Log Out[edit]

This logs out your character after confirming it with you first. Afterward you are brought to the login screen.


This quits the game entirely after confirming it with you first.