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The Game Menu in Star Trek Online can be accessed by clicking the icon that resembles a computer, next to the mini-map at the top-right corner of the screen.

From here you can access several in-game options.


[edit] Rearrange HUD

This option allows you to rearrange various parts of the Heads-Up Display (HUD), such as the Inventory window, Chat window, XP bar, mini-map, and missions list.

[edit] Options

This gives you the ability to change in-game settings and options.

[edit] Basic

This tab shows options to change various basic settings, such as camera X/Y inversion, non-instant tooltip delay, and interface scaling.

[edit] Audio

This tab shows options to change various audio settings, such as volume, output device, and media player.

[edit] Video

This tab shows options to change various video settings, such as display mode, antialiasing, lighting quality, refresh rate, and texture quality.

[edit] Control

This tab shows options to change various control settings, such as camera follow type, maximum targeting distance, and auto attack settings.

[edit] Key Binds

This tab shows the default game key bindings and allows you to change them and add your own.

[edit] HUD

This tab shows various HUD options, such as reticle appearance, how names are shown for players and NPCs, and damage floater settings.

[edit] Chat Settings

This shows various settings for the in-game chat. You can also access this by right-clicking the empty space beside a Chat window tab.

[edit] Tabs

Here you can change settings for the various tabs used in the Chat window, as well as create custom tabs for separating chat content into groups.

[edit] Channels

This allows you to join or create custom channels for chat.

[edit] Options

This shows various settings for chat such as font size, opacity, fade-out delay, and profanity filtering.

[edit] Log Out

This logs out your character after confirming it with you first. Afterward you are brought to the login screen.

[edit] Exit

This quits the game entirely after confirming it with you first.