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Note: For the upcoming sector space changes, see Tribble Season 10 update.

You may be looking for the Federation Galaxy class exploration cruiser
Star Trek Online's sectors within the Milky Way Galaxy (sector sizes exaggerated)

The Milky Way Galaxy in Star Trek Online is divided into quadrants, which consist of sector blocks, containing several sectors, and usually numerous star systems.

Local space consists of the sector blocks in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants near the Sol System. In general, four quadrants (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta) make up the Galaxy.

System Descriptions are seen in sector space upon close approach.

Sector Blocks[edit]

Below is a galaxy atlas of all the sector blocks in the game, which can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Click for larger image


Click a sector name for a detailed list of all of the systems within that sector.

Alpha Quadrant Sector Blocks[edit]

Beta Quadrant Sector Blocks[edit]

Sectors without a Sector Block[edit]

Gamma Quadrant[edit]

Delta Quadrant Sector Blocks[edit]


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