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First City is the capital of the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS and first Klingon hub that players of the Klingon Empire will use. With Season Four: Crossfire, the First City replaced the old The Great Hall of Qo'noS-map as major hub for Klingon players.

The city is divided into several sections. Each section holds various NPCs who serve different purposes such as mission givers and requisition vendors. There are mail stations spread out in each quadrant of the city.


Transporter Room[edit]

The Transporter Room is where any visitor to the First City while arrive. Here, you can also beam directly to the Shipyard or return to your ship in orbit over Qo'noS.


Great Hall[edit]

The Great Hall includes the Klingon High Council, the ruling body of the Klingon Empire. It is located on the northeast portion of First City.


  • Memorial plaque
Great Hall, home of the Klingon High Council

Council Chambers[edit]



At the northeast part of the barracks, you can enter the Warriors Hall.



The Challenge Floor with the Great Hall in the background

Challenge Floor[edit]

This area contains a sparring ring similar to the Warriors Hall as well as a marketplace.

  • Battle Master ensures fair arena fights
  • Lieutenant Commander Kultan who serves as a mission giver for players
  • Lieutenant B'Eta who gives missions to players through their careers
  • Assignment Officer explains changing the difficulty settings
  • Lieutenant Commander Mara who provides players with missions
  • Commander Hugor, who provides information on tech upgrades
  • Commander K'tarl, formerly a Dilithium equipment vendor
  • Mayerteac, formerly a Dilithium equipment vendor
  • Lieutenant B'Eora who sells personal equipment for energy credits
  • Taluk is an Orion tailor who can assist players in customizing clothing
  • Commodity Vendor Gren sells commodities
Bar with blood wine fountain


This room on the northwest contains a blood wine fountain and a balcony with singing Klingon captains.



This area is in the northwest of First City.

  • S'kaa who can help players acquire personal weapons
  • T'jod
  • District Resident
The Forge was home to Klingon crafters and located next to the Targ pits and the city gates.


The Forge, in the southwest, contains a targ breeding pit and Bat'leth forges. Towards the west are the slums.

  • Apprentice Weaponsmith
  • T'Mer
  • Nakar, a Lethean weaponsmith (who used to give you the mission “Working the Crowd” to meet First City's merchants)
  • First City Gate Guard
An alleyway in the slums


Explore the troubled and dangerous alleyways of First City.

  • Garrad, an Orion who runs an establishment where he promises to have your every pleasure fulfilled (and who used to give the mission “Off the Beaten Path”).
  • Pleasure Seeker
  • Slum Dweller
  • Mojod, a Lethean
  • Rema, a female Orion
  • Companion, Rema's Orion dancing girl


Cityscape near the courthouse

This area in the southeast has banks and an exchange. It is also home to the courthouse and the prison complex.

The First City Shipyard in orbit over Qo'noS
View from the Shipyard
Shipyard interior


This Shipyard can be accessed from orbit over Qo'noS or from the transporter pad in First City.

At the Shipyard section of the First City players can find various NPCs that can: requisition new consoles, weapons, components and equipment, acquire new starships and customize their existing starships. There is also a console that will allow players to view information on the types and configurations of Klingon vessels.


Warriors Hall[edit]


Missions Involved[edit]

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  • Following the death of Leonard Nimoy in February 2015, a plaque dedicated to the memory of all deceased cast and crew of the Star Trek franchise was erected near the entrance to the Great Hall, and black banners were displayed during a week of mourning from March 5 through 12.

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