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This article refers to the Ferengi species. You may instead be looking for the faction Ferengi Alliance
A Ferengi female.
A Ferengi male.

Natives of the planet Ferenginar, Ferengi culture is built on the ideals of free enterprise and profit, and there are 285 Rules of Acquisitions that govern Ferengi society. They have a head for numbers. Due to recent social reforms, however, many young Ferengi are exploring the world outside of commerce. Some have joined Starfleet, where service to others is valued more than Gold-Pressed Latinum.

Ferengi are a playable race in Star Trek Online.

Physical features[edit]

Ferengi are normally smaller than humans and have lifespans that can exceed a century. Ferengi have orange-brown colored skin, blue fingernails, enlarged skulls and sharp teeth. Their four-lobed brain makes them resistant to telepathy. Their large ears give them exceptionally acute hearing.

Other information[edit]

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  • Species trait: Ferengi are shrewd, perceptive businessmen with a naturally resilient physiology. Their penchant for bargaining gives them a 20% discount in all store prices for items sold for energy credits or gold-pressed latinum, their hardy immune systems increase their resistance to Radiation and Toxic damage, and their unique cerebral structure makes them deal more damage with Exploit attacks and take less damage from Flanking attacks.
    • +10 Perception
    • .25 Flank Damage Reduction
    • +10% Exploit Damage
    • 20% energy credit/gold-pressed latinum store discount
    • +.33 Resistance to Toxic and Radiation
  • Available


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Duty officers[edit]

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