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Survivability, support generators, and controlling the paths of enemy advance with fieldworks. The Engineering officer can withstand the most damage by improving the performance of their personal shields, while supporting their away team with power generators or by bottlenecking the enemies advance with defensive mine fields. The Engineer's own combat effectiveness is improved by modifications to their firearms or support fire from fabricated turrets and drones.

Engineers have advanced technical skills that are available in both space and ground combat. They are adept as using Starfleet technology to its best advantage. They can help in reducing the amount of damage done to your ship, repair systems quickly, and even do things not in the Starfleet Operations Manual.

On the ground, Engineers can disable enemy technology, build force field generators, and perform various sorts of technological feats.


Engineers can choose from three different careers. Technicians (buffs and debuffs), Fabrication (turrets), and Combat (battlefield manipulation and explosives).


Focus on buffs and debuffs. Their buffs focus on the entire group, unlike a Scientist.


Uses turrets. Most damage focused career for engineers.


Manipulates the battlefield for the advantage of the engineer. Combat engineers use demolition and explosives to hold the enemy.


See main article: Skill table


Personal abilities are ground and space based. Your characters personal ground skills depend on what type of kit you are using. The space abilities that your Captain can use are listed on the Player ability article. For a list of abilities that your Engineering bridge officers can use see the Bridge officer abilities article.


Engineers have four unique traits available, in addition to the normal traits for their species.