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Due to ongoing PvE queue and reward balance changes in Delta Rising, some dilithium reward amounts listed below may be incorrect.[1][2]
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In Star Trek Online, Dilithium is a major form of currency predominantly earned and used in the end game. Players can use dilithium to purchase various things ranging from new ships when the player reaches a new rank to new weapons (Space and ground), deflectors and shields, and via crafting materials.

It is a time-based currency (~480 Dilithium Ore icon.png per 15 minutes of gameplay according to Cryptic) in that it is obtained from certain missions, mostly repeatable every 20 hours, that require time for a player to complete. The currency is given out as dilithium ore, which must be refined (up to 8000 per day) using the ship's Inventory Asset tab.

Dilithium can only be traded to other players for Zen Zen small icon.png via the Dilithium Exchange (Located in the More menu via the down-arrow, on the mini-map. It is also possible to set a keybind in the options menu to permit direct access via keystroke). Trade values are restricted to 50-500 refined dilithium Refined dilithium icon.png per Zen.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Foundry[edit | edit source]

Authors of user-generated missions can also be donated 25, 50 or 100 Refined dilithium icon.png (refined!) by any player who completes their missions.

Academy Lore mission[edit | edit source]

Borg Invasion[edit | edit source]

Alpha Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Beta Quadrant[edit | edit source]

Solanae Dyson Sphere[edit | edit source]

Reputation[edit | edit source]

These rewards can be claimed once per character:

PvE queue[edit | edit source]

All STFs and event-type missions accessible form the PvE queue grant a set amount of dilithium upon completion according to their difficulty level:

  • Normal - 360 Dilithium Ore icon.png
  • Advanced - 720 Dilithium Ore icon.png
  • Elite - 1,440 Dilithium Ore icon.png

Fleet actions reward 480 Dilithium Ore icon.png for space, and 640 Dilithium Ore icon.png for ground maps. [3] There is also a daily mission for a random fleet action rewarding 960 Dilithium Ore icon.png and 50 Fleet Marks [4].

PvP and global PvE[edit | edit source]

Empire Defense[edit | edit source]

Missions no longer rewarding dilithium[edit | edit source]

Duty Officer Assignments[edit | edit source]

Most Duty Officer Assignments provide a small amount of Dilithium (usually between 5 to 50 Dilithium Ore icon.png with 125 Dilithium Ore icon.png on critical success) and a few provide larger quantities.

Reputation System Projects[edit | edit source]

All projects rewarding 800 or 2000 reputation points give 140 Dilithium Ore icon.png or 340 Dilithium Ore icon.png, respectively. There are also special projects which grant more dilithium:

Continued support projects are more profitable than exchanging marks via "Ongoing Efforts" Projects in the long term as they offer a better mark to dilithium ratio (~1:23 vs 1:10) but need to be reslotted and filled once per hour for maximum efficiency.

Redemption[edit | edit source]

Ships[edit | edit source]

Duty Officers[edit | edit source]

Lt. Ferra at Starfleet Academy and Lt. S'stas at Klingon Academy are selling Duty Officers of Uncommon and higher quality for Dilithium.

Season 5 Conversion[edit | edit source]

For Season 5, players had many currencies converted to dilithium (at the following rates, up to the first 160,000 dilithium)[6]:

Notes[edit | edit source]

Dilithium Vouchers[edit | edit source]

Q: What are “Fleet-Only Dilithium” and “Reputation-Only Dilithium”?
A: These are special Vouchers that fulfill the same purpose as existing Dilithium, but can only be used to fulfill Project requirements for the respective features, either Fleets or Reputations. These Dilithium Vouchers does not need to be refined, and cannot be traded for Zen. Projects that require Dilithium will deduct from the appropriate Voucher pool before deducting from your Refined Dilithium.

References[edit | edit source]

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Energy Credits can be obtained from various events,assignments,missions,selling items and it is the only Tradable Currency in game Energy Credits
Federation Players can obtain Reputation Marks from various events,missions,assignments.Reputation Marks are required for personal projects Klingon Players can obtain Reputation Marks from various events,missions,assignments.Reputation Marks are required for personal projects Reputation Marks Delta Marks Delta MarksDyson Marks Dyson Marks
Nukara Marks Nukara MarksOmega Marks Omega Marks
Romulan Marks Romulan MarksUndine Marks Undine Marks
Iconian Marks Iconian MarksTerran Marks Terran Marks
Temporal Marks Temporal Marks
Federation Players can obtain Fleet Assets from missions,dailies,assignments from or for Fleet Projects Klingon Players can obtain Fleet Assets from missions,dailies,assignments from or for Fleet Projects Fleet Assets Fleet CreditsFleet Credit icon (Klingon).png Fleet Credits
Fleet MarksFleet Mark icon (Klingon).png Fleet Marks
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Refined Dilithium only from refining the ore or selling zen on the dilithium exchange system.Not tradable Dilithium
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Gold-Pressed Latinum only from playing Dabo at Drozana Station or Deep Space Nine, various assignments or turning in Holiday Collectibles during Winter Event at the GPL Conversion Unit.Gold-Pressed Latinum can be used for various assignments, purchasing special items such as Trophies, Holo Emitters or playing Dabo.Not tradable Gold-Pressed Latinum
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Lobi Crystals only from opening lock boxes or various promotional pack offers at the Zen Store.Not tradable. Lobi Crystals
Federation and Klingon players can obtain Zen, the only currency usable in cash shop from purchasing zen with real money or exchanging refined dilithium on the dilithium exchange system.Not tradable Zen
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