Delta Volanis Cluster

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The Delta Volanis Cluster is a region of space serving as Exploration Cluster to Federation players. It is located off the galactic "west" of the Vulcan Sector in the Sirius Sector Block, Beta Quadrant.


Scanning an Anomaly in this cluster will produce the following Data Samples:

Red [Tier 1] > [Mk II]
Alien Artifact icon.png [Alien Artifact] – Technological Anomaly
Mineral Sample icon.png [Mineral Sample] – Physical Anomaly
Radiation Sample icon.png [Radiation Sample] – Energy Anomaly

Missions Involved[edit]

“Relief Effort”[edit]

Aid the Planet with the following Basic Commodities:

Medical Supplies icon.png [Medical Supplies]
Provisions icon.png [Provisions]
Shield Generators icon.png [Shield Generators]

With Season Five: Call to Arms the Mission Reward [Offering of Appreciation] was removed from the game.


  • Bug: KDF aligned players cannot enter this location. There is no warp pop-up.