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You may be looking for a list of craftable items with recipes.

Crafting in Star Trek Online uses data samples (primarily collected from anomalies in space and on ground missions) to create items. These samples can be used to create consumables and high-end items.

Beginning with Season Three: Genesis, a new system involving schematics was developed. These schematics can be researched with basic data samples and are required ingredients for almost all items. Schematics come in 20 types (however, [Schematic: Bat'leth] is exclusive to KDF and [Schematic: Lirpa] is exclusive to Federation), for various personal equipment, starship weapons, or starship components. In addition to the common data samples, there are ten rare anomalies called particle traces. These particle traces are used to craft very rare items.


[edit] Ingredients

If you have the schematics and sufficient data samples of the correct type, you can use the research stations at Memory Alpha (Federation),in First City (Klingon) or aboard a Tuffli Class Freighter to fabricate a wide range of non-common items.

[edit] Schematics

Schematic Personal Shield icon.png Schematic Body Armor icon.png Schematic Kit icon.png Schematic Pistol icon.png Schematic Rifle icon.png Schematic Assault Weapon icon.png Schematic Bat'leth icon.png Schematic Lirpa icon.png Schematic Horta Mineralogy Research (Standard) icon.png
Schematic Beam Array icon.png Schematic Dual Beam Bank icon.png Schematic Single Cannon icon.png Schematic Dual Cannon icon.png Schematic Dual Heavy Cannon icon.png Schematic Turret icon.png Schematic Torpedo Launcher icon.png Schematic Mine Launcher icon.png
Schematic Console icon.png Schematic Shield Array icon.png Schematic Deflector Array icon.png Schematic Impulse Engine icon.png Schematic Shuttlecraft - Delta Flyer icon.png

[edit] Data Samples

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Energy Radiation Sample icon.png Antimatter Sample icon.png Tetryon Particle icon.png Methogenic Particle icon.png Tachyon Wave Signature icon.png Chronometric Wave Signature icon.png
Physical Mineral Sample icon.png Biological Sample icon.png Plasma Sample icon.png DNA Sequence icon.png Exobiological Data icon.png Unidentified Substance icon.png
Technological Alien Artifact icon.png Unknown Alloy icon.png Encoded Data icon.png Genetic Sequencer icon.png Photonic Technology icon.png Technical Schematic icon.png

[Red samples] - Radiation Sample - Mineral Sample - Alien Artifacts

These samples are most likely found in: "Delta Volanis Cluster"

[Aqua samples] - Antimatter Sample - Biological Sample - Unknown Alloy

These samples are most likely found in: "Hromi Cluster"

[Green samples] - Tetryon Particle - Plasma Sample - Encoded Data

These samples are most likely found in: "Khazan Cluster"

[Blue samples] - Methogenic Particle - DNA Sequence - Genetic Sequencer

These samples are most likely found in: "Zenas Expanse"

[Yellow samples] - Tachyon Wave Signature - Exobiological Data - Photonic Technology

These samples are most likely found in: "Zenas Expanse"

[Violet samples] - Chronometric Wave Signature - Unidentified Substance - Technical Schematic

These samples are most likely found in: "B'Tran Cluster"

[edit] Particle Traces

Occasionally, while gathering data samples, in addition to common samples from any of the six tiers, rare data samples called particle traces will drop. These samples are used in crafting very rare items.

Particle traces
Antithoron Particle Trace icon.png Anyon Particle Trace icon.png Beta-Tachyon Particle Trace icon.png Chronometric Particle Trace icon.png Dekyon Particle Trace icon.png
Duderon Particle Trace icon.png Methogenic Particle Trace icon.png Metreon Particle Trace icon.png Trianium Particle Trace icon.png Vertion Particle Trace icon.png

[edit] Skills

The crafting system is skill based; you gain skill points by fabricating items. As your skill levels increase, you gain access to more upgrades and higher tiers. There are up to 1650 General Research Skill points (to be increased in future updates), of which the first 1500 allow for crafting items from Mk II up to Mk VIII, Mk X, Mk XI, and later Mk XII. Upon reaching the maximum number General Research skill points there are, these go up to Mk XI items.

[edit] Future

Eventually three advanced skill trees are planned to be added:

  • Advanced Starship Components
  • Advanced Starship Weapons
  • Advanced Personal Equipment

Only one of the advanced skill areas can be trained in at a time. However, training in any skill tree can be stopped without loss of experience and started in another tree for a cost. Some items will only provide their special bonus if currently training in that advanced field.

[edit] Crafting Items

You open a research station by double clicking it or choosing the "Research and Development" action; this opens up the station window. The window has a tab for each specialty; this shows a list of possible items with the ingredients (data samples, schematics, and/or particle traces) needed as input, the number of skill points earned, and if the item is greyed out, the minimum skill level required. The four tabs are divided as:

If the number of each input sample and item is white, you can click "Fabricate" to craft the item. However, if any of the numbers are red, you need to go collect more; this can be done at an Exchange nearby or by scanning anomalies.

When upgrading items the data samples and other items can be in your bank. It is not necessary to have them in your inventory when using a research station. All the ingredients are stackable: data samples and particle traces stack to 250 while schematics stack to 99.

There are some minor differences between the items that can be crafted at Memory Alpha versus Qo'noS in terms of melee weapons and an emphasis on phasers or disruptors. There are currently 556 craftable items.

[edit] Research Points and Costs

The points granted and cost of items follows a formula based on Mark level and rarity.

General Research Points Data Samples Needed
Common 10 10
Uncommon 20 20
Rare 30 30
Very Rare 50 30
2 particle traces

The type of data samples used is dependent on the Mark level

[edit] Schematic and Unreplicateable Materials Vendor

[edit] Schematics

  • A schematic vendor is next to the "Research and Development" stations in both Memory Alpha (Federation) and First City (Klingon) in order to make access to schematics a little easier, so players do not have to spend time acquiring low level red anomalies in order to purchase schematics.
  • All Schematics can be purchased from this vendor for energy credits instead of having to purchase them at the "Research and Development" station with red anomalies.
  • The price for a single schematic is 10,000 Energy credit icon.png.
  • The schematic vendor is NOT available aboard a Tuffli Class Freighter.

[edit] Unreplicateable Materials

  • This vendor also sells "Unreplicateable Materials." These materials are required (in addition to data samples and particle traces) in order to craft the most powerful item for each player rank, in each crafting category.
  • In general, "Common Unreplicateable Materials" are used to craft the most powerful Rare item and "Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials" are used to craft the highest level Very Rare item.
  • The cost of Common Unreplicateable Materials is 10 Refined dilithium icon.png each.
  • The cost of Uncommon Unreplicateable Materials is 1000 Refined dilithium icon.png each.
  • Both types of Unreplicateable Materials are available through the Exchange, although at a hefty price.

[edit] Notes

  • Data samples, particle traces and unreplicateable materials, do not need to be in the players inventory to be able to craft an item; samples stored in the bank are also used seamlessly. This does NOT apply to the Account Bank.
  • There are a number of vendors selling items needed for crafting at both Memory Alpha and the crafting area at First City. These NPCs are no longer directly involved in the crafting process and there is no need to talk to them or to buy any items from them although you can continue to purchase items such as schematics from them.